Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Conveinent Diversion ???

I simply can't believe it ! With all that is going on in the world today, or as Glenn Beck said on Fox this morning, "With the world on fire", the entire world is focused on Michael Jackson.
Think about it ! Our economy is in shambles, unemployment is sky rocketing, North Korea is threatening a nuclear strike, there is revolution on the streets of Tehran, our own goverment trying to jam a stimulus package and health care solution down our throats that doesn't even appear to fix the problem, not to mention our troops are still dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the the name of God, what are we doing ? While it may be true that Michael Jackson is the "King of Pop", to place the headline of his death above that of a single U.S. Soldier dying while defending freedom is truly a sin. The media outlets in this and every other country should be ashamed ! There is a plethora of items happening in the world today that make the death of who some label a child molester, drug addict and a star fallen from grace insignificant. Come on America..... Wake up !!!

David W. Emerick

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Tomorrow, in my local little community of Tarentum PA, my local VFW Post 5758 will hold it's fourth annual bike run. A Ride for Homeless Vets. While I believe this a just and worthy cause, and we have raised thousands of dollars, I can't help but wonder. It begs the question; Why does this term even exist ? In this day and age of section 8 housing, HUD, and the ever so popular welfare state, you can't tell me that we, as a nation can't find a way to house and help those who have served this Country. This is an embarrassment to the world's only Superpower. I don't mean to sound harsh but, when we can provide housing and sustenance to unwed, unemployed mothers and their children, and provide welfare to drug addicts and prostitutes, not to mention provide them with health care and schooling, certainly we as a thankful society, can provide these same services for the men and women who have served this Country in the Armed Forces. This my friends is a no brainer. We, (President Obama), let the Weegers, who are, make no mistake, Chinese terrorists, out of Guitmo after capturing them in the training camps of Afghanistan, and set them up in a cute little Chalet in Bermuda just today. We took thousands of FEMA trailers to Louisiana after Katrina for the people who trashed the Super dome. So what do you think... Should an American who served this Nation in any capacity be living in a cardboard box under a bridge? The term Homeless Vet should not exist in the United States of America.... We can do better!

David W. Emerick