Sunday, October 16, 2011


    Well my friends, just when I thought I'd seen the pinochle of hypocrisy, IE, the Obama Presidency, comes the Occupy Wall Street debacle.  I ask you, how can these products of the liberal left education system, brain washed surrogates, and proponents of the "Move" George Soros crowd, not realize, that by protesting in the media spotlight like they are, they're demonstrating shear stupidity, much less hypocrisy ?  News crews, both liberal and conservative, cameras rolling, display for everyone to see, protesters sporting Ipods, Blackberry's, Android systems, MP3 head phones in ears, Izod, Old Navy, Dockers, and Levis clothing attire on all, and, (this is what really gets me), They're protesting about the Corporate profits and Wall Street Tycoons of the companies of all the products they themselves are wearing and using!!!  The hypocrisy blow my mind !!!
    It would seem to me, that these idiots, would make a much more significant impact on the issue they're trying to shed light upon if they were protesting nude, or in potato sacks or something that would display the amount of financial hardship they're experiencing.  Not screaming about the evils of Corporate America, while texting their friends to watch them get arrested on nationwide television.
    These Morons, who I have no doubt are being funded by Soros, actually have no clue.  They are blind, apathetic sheep, who are easily molded into make shift catalysts for whatever the big money on the left label the, "Issue d'joir" !!!   It's so easy to see,  These protesters actually walked by Soros's house to bully a bank!!!
   Bottom line.....  Nice try George, you've really shown your true colors on this one pal.  Your vitriol and contempt for the private sector has blinded you to the fact that you've become a laughing stock, grasping at any chance to embarrass the juggernaut of the conservative movement, you've forgotten, or overlooked one very important fact.   We are NOT stupid.......   OCCUPY THIS !!!

David W. Emerick

Saturday, June 25, 2011

For Whom Do You Shed Tears ?

    As I'm sure many of you know, who follow my blog, that I, at every available chance , participate in the Final Honors, or Military Funerals for the Hero's who have served this beautiful Country of ours, and for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, and died on the battlefields of late, defending the freedom that we have come to take for granted.  Whatever your politics, or your religion matters not to me, for a soldier only knows to follow the orders of their superior Officer, there is no democrat or republican, no ambiguity.  That's how it works, that's why it works !!!
    Today however, my friends, I experienced an epiphany.  I've literally done hundreds of these funerals over the years, and today, as I laid another Veteran to rest, I couldn't help but ask myself, "For whom do these people cry/"  I was struck by the fact that the families and friends that come these somber affairs, are jovial and talkative at the onset of the service, but only weep for their loved one once our service commences.  Are they weeping for the Hero who has fallen, or are their tears merely for the pomp and circumstance that we, (as a memorial unit) perform for every Veteran who has served, 
    Let me share this with you;  I as Chaplain, to start the Military part of the service, stand before the family and friends and say, "Let us pray.......   Oh God, Father of all, we here extend these final earthly tributes to our beloved Comrade.  Accept our prayers on behalf of the soul of thy servant departed.  Welcome him to thy house to rest in peace.  Look with mercy upon the loved ones bereaved by his passing.  Comfort and console them through thine own tenderness.  These things we ask humbly in thy name.......Amen."
    Then after a few words by the Commander of our Post, again I say, " Let us pray,   Almighty and Merciful God !  Father of all !!  Amidst these monuments of the dead.... we see thy hand.  In the depth of our sorrow, we realize the truth of these inspired words: I am the resurrection and the life, and that he who believeth in me, though he were dead.....Yet shall he live !!!    As comrade after Comrade departs, we march on the ranks grown thinner.  Help us to be faithful unto thee, and to one another.  We beseech thee, look with mercy upon all of us assembled here, and with thine own tenderness, comfort and console those bereaved by the hand of death.  Give them the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness..... Heavenly Father....Bless our Country with Freedom and Righteousness, and through thy sovereign and holy spirit's favor. may we all meet at last before thy throne of grace in Heaven, and to thy great name will be praise, for ever and ever.... Amen/
    Then, these words.......  "Officer of the Day....... Prepare the Squad for the final salute to our fallen Comrade."  The squad the lines up, either at the grave side or outside the Chapel, and the volleys are fired and taps are blown.  Then, as the flag is being folded, I say, " This banner of love and devotion, now being folded, is a living memorial of the courageous thoughts of our fallen Comrade.... The one you came to honor today.   The blue field represents the sky that overlooks our land, and denotes the watchfulness of  God the Eternal.  The red stripes tell us of the Blood, Sweat, and Tears that have been offered by our Comrades' devotion to the responsible freedom of our Country.  The white stripes boldly proclaim the peace that he fought for and helped to bring to this and future generations.  This is His Flag......  This is our Spiritual Heritage...... Receive it with the tears of our minds and the faith of our Hearts.....  Amen !!!
    Three spent shells are then placed inside the flag, One for Duty, One for Honor, and One for the Country that was so loved and proudly served.  After the Salutes, these word are offered to the recipient of the flag,  "On behalf of the President of the United States, and a truly, grateful Nation, It is my honor, to present to you, this flag, of our Nation, that your loved one so proudly fought for.... and served.  May God bless him... and may God Bless you !!!
   The whole ordeal makes me cry every time I do it,  but like I said before, for whom do the tears fall.... For the Veteran,  or for the Service......  You tell me !!!

David W. Emerick

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back in the Saddle !!!

    Well my friends, after 19 months of depression, insecurity, and lack of work, the most amazing thing happened.  President Obama signed the extension of the Bush tax cuts, and almost instantaneously, my whole world changed.  Literally, within hours of Obama putting his pen to the paper,  my telephone rang and I received the great news, "Come back to work."
    You see, ever since the inauguration of whom I call the "Black Jimmy Carter", corporate America wasn't necessarily broke, (in fact, they were sitting on billions in cash), they, as were many others, holding their cards extremely close to the vest.  So close in fact, they were tighter than two coats of paint.  And, after all was said and done, there was only one reason for the economic downturn that touched us all;  They, (Big Business), didn't know what this new era of "hope and change" was going to do to their bottom line.  Translation..... Obama could not be trusted !
   Nevertheless, after the extension of the Bush tax cuts, which Obama was dragged kicking and screaming to the table to sign, corporations now could be secure knowing they could hire, expand, and reinvest their dollars.  In fact, they could write off 100% of all capital investment for the next two years.  This, my friends, is the quintessential definition of Reaganomics, and once again, is proof positive that Tax Cuts.... Spur Investment !!!
   My Industry, which directly supports the steel industry, was contacted almost immediately with requests for quotes on new equipment as well as re-visiting old proposals that had been put on hold.  New orders are flooding my company, and there is no end in sight.  There are actually several new steel mills that have broken ground and are under construction as well as ones still on the drawing board, investing millions, and creating thousands of good paying jobs, not to mention the events of late such as the tragedies in Japan and Haiti that will require millions of tons of steel, as well as rebuilding our own infrastructure which is decaying at a rapid pace.
    In conclusion my friends, there is only one thing that could halt this on going recovery and expansion in our world economy.....  The re-election of Barack Obama  !!!  We MUST NOT allow this dreamer to ruin this Country!  His economic policies are just not feasible, much less practical,  and quite frankly, I think we should send him packing, back to Chicago, with a brand new staple gun and a stack of Acorn Posters.  I'm sure his buddy Rahm will give him a job.  Bottom line....  The defeat of  Barack Obama is the key, to keeping me.........Back in the Saddle !!!

David W. Emerick

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LAME !!!

    On the heels of what can only be described as, a "Good ole' Fashioned Ass Whoopin", in the November Mid-Term Elections, our President, Barrack (I know what's best for you) Obama, departed on a useless, 10 day junket to Asia.  What a farce !  This is nothing more than a colossal Tylenol for a man who still refuses to accept the will of the American People.  A man who still, in the face of almost total rejection of every single policy or piece of legislation, continues to try to force feed us the ridiculous ideology he and all of his Marxist, progressive zealot's trumpet on a daily basis.
    This 100 million dollar a day whirlwind tour of the Pacific rim Nations does nothing more that draw away valuable military resources from the theaters where they are needed most, to protect a sitting President that has no business there to begin with.  In this day of Skype, video conferences, secure government satellite links and so forth, this man chose to spend this kind of money, on a venture with a zero sum gain!
    What could the American economy do with a sudden 1 billion dollar jolt of cash sent to the coiffures reserverd to stimulate job creation.  What kind of tax break could the President give to small business to encourage growth.  Think of it, a billion dollars out of nowhere !!!  Now that's what I call a stimulus for the rest of us.
    I suppose I've vented enough.  But, I will say this, Mr. President, we may not have had enough muster to to take both House and Senate,  and although you may have managed to, with some sort of chicanery, retain Harry Reid, whom I will cal the devil himself in lock step with you, which can only be called the blind leading the blind,  Please note:  2012 is fast approaching,  and even though the upcoming session of Congress is labeled "Lame Duck",  Quite sometime ago, I already gave you a label....  You're Just LAME !!!

David W. Emerick

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Burried a Hero Today !!!

I'm not sure if you, my readers actually understand, what it's like to be a part of the final farewell to a warrior.  It seems all too often I get the call.  A funeral director on the phone says, "so and so has died". He was a WWII, Korean War, Viet Nam, Iraq, or Afghanistan.  I hate hearing he was !!!  Our Veterans are the the only thing we have to hold to our hearts as the ones who've stood for our freedom.
Today, in my little small town, which could be any body's town, a life long member of the VFW, and the American Legion, as well as a life long member of his local "Volunteer" Fire Department, had passed away, and services were pending.  I'm pretty sure most of you don't know how beautiful a funeral is with full military honors, but suffice to say nothing I've found in my life has met that merit. .
A beautiful. fully dressed fire truck was placed in front of the hurse at the funeral home.  We, went in and did the obligatory walk through, signed the guest book, saluted and prayed for our soldier, and focused our attention on the American Flag that draped the coffin of our fallen comrade.
Our Mission is to follow the flag, our Nations autograph, at the funeral home, and then to church, and to the warriors final resting place. But today, something was different.
As I stood on the firing line, with my weapon locked, cocked, and ready to fire,  My thoughts drifted to another time,  One year prior, when these same soldiers, came to my aid, as well as that of my family, and sent my father to his reward, as a veteran, a husband, and a father. The Officer of the day barked the commands, and I in turn obeyed,  But please... think no less of me for today, although a stranger I buried......I half to say.......   I miss you Dad !!!

David W. Emerick

Saturday, August 21, 2010

........ Can't Make Him Drink !!!

As I said on Facebook this morning, today, the count down begins !  Iran, with Russia's help have begun to fuel the heavily sanctioned nuclear facilities in and around the country in direct violation of the resolutions set forth by the U.N.  And where is our fearless leader....  Vacationing on Martha's Vineyard with the family. 
President Obama has blown his one and only chance at what could only be described as, "Greatness"!!!
We, (the U.S.) have always and will always be Israel's staunchest Ali in the middle east. Today, we have an opportunity to prove it.  Unilaterally strike Iran's nuclear facilities, and set back their program by more than a decade, thus propelling Obama to a level of almost a Ronald Reagan in demonstrating true "Leadership" in the region, as well as reaffirming a commitment to Israel that here to fore has been weak at best.
Our Presidents reaction will instead be to wait for Israel to strike at Iran, (they really have no choice), and then condemn them for doing it.  This will in turn, seal our "tolerant" facade to the Muslim world.......  Yeah Right !!!
In one fell swoop, Mr. President, you have shown that you've all but castrated the Joint Chiefs, or at least Rahm and Valerie have, and blown your one chance at showing the American people that you have what it takes to lead.  America is sick and tired of the legislation you support..... Oppose almost everything you stand for...... And, dislike the leadership in both houses, as well as your choices for the Judicial branch.  We also, as every single poll shows,  do not approve of the path you are taking this country down !!!
Why wouldn't you choose to change this tide that is most certainly going to drown you eventually ?  I think we all know the answer.  You have your agenda Mr. Obama, and America has hers too.  You may bring us to the brink of disaster in your four year field trip from Chicago,  but rest assured....  We are stronger than you !!!
I guess it's really true.....  You can lead a horse to water....  But you can't make him drink !!!

David W. Emerick

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Terrorists' Badge of Honor !!!

Cordoba House, now renamed Park51, and also referred to as "Ground Zero Mosque" is a $ 100 Million Dollar, 13-story glass and steel Islamic community center to be located 180 meters from where the worst terrorist attack ever to take place on American soil occurred on September 11, 2001.  The Center, which will  be home to, a mosque, a 500 seat auditorium, theater, performing arts center, a swimming pool, fitness center, basketball courts, childcare services, restaurant, bookstore, a culinary school, and a food court serving halal dishes. Incidentally, the very fact that this facility is supposed to house all of these amenities, preclude it from being a "Mosque" by Islamic law.
Feisal Abdul Rauf, is an Arab-American imam, author, and activist who is at the heart of this controversy, and is currently on a whirl-wind tour all over the middle-east promoting "tolerance" all, at the expense of the U.S. State Department.  Groups for and against the construction of this travesty in the very shadows of the fallen World Trade Centers have popped up all across the U.S. and the world for that matter.  Questions about motive seen to be of greatest concern to most, but other relevant inquiries have been made with regard to finances, and have also come to the forefront of the dispute.
Here is a little stroll down memory lane.  On that morning, terrorists hijacked American Airlines flight 175 as part of their attack on the World Trade Center's "Twin Towers".  They crashed the plane into the south tower at 9:03 am triggering the tower's destruction hours later.  The plane penetrated through the tower, and part of the plane's landing gear and fuselage came out of the north side of the tower, and crashed through the roof of this proposed mosque, through two of it's floors causing severe damage.  The specific location of the planned mosque, so close to the World Trade Center "Where a piece of the wreckage fell", was in fact, the major selling point to the Muslims who bought the building.
I offer to all of you my friends, a moment of pause....  Think back to 2001 and that fateful morning when so many died.  Not just died, but suffered a horrible and painful not to mention useless death.  Think back to the visions of people opting to jump, and fall hundreds of feet to their death rather than face incineration.  Some even holding hands as they fell.  Remember the feeling you felt as those planes struck the towers knowing innocence was inside.  All those who died trying their very best to help. And, remember the sight of those two majestic buildings collapsing right before our very eyes. 3000 people......Dead !!!  For what ?
Why don't we just go ahead and make the hijackers martyrs' ?  Make them heroes before their people !
Because by letting this mosque be built, that's exactly what you're doing !!!  If this imam is truly a man not of a radical Islam rather an Islam that condemns this act of shear terror perpetrated on a non-deserving America, he would realize that America can never forgive the actions of these animals, and he by allowing this venture is only driving the wedge further in between Christians, and Muslims in a hatred that has been around for thousands of years, and no doubt will be for thousands more.
This quite literally, is a slap in the face to every soldier who has or is serving in the war on terror.  This is not how wars are won !!!
Think of the conversations that will take place in this proposed house of peace, as they gaze upon our hallowed ground.  Think of them, pointing towards our symbol of pain while they show off the only thing this building could be defined as......Their....Badge of Honor !!!

David W. Emerick