Saturday, August 21, 2010

........ Can't Make Him Drink !!!

As I said on Facebook this morning, today, the count down begins !  Iran, with Russia's help have begun to fuel the heavily sanctioned nuclear facilities in and around the country in direct violation of the resolutions set forth by the U.N.  And where is our fearless leader....  Vacationing on Martha's Vineyard with the family. 
President Obama has blown his one and only chance at what could only be described as, "Greatness"!!!
We, (the U.S.) have always and will always be Israel's staunchest Ali in the middle east. Today, we have an opportunity to prove it.  Unilaterally strike Iran's nuclear facilities, and set back their program by more than a decade, thus propelling Obama to a level of almost a Ronald Reagan in demonstrating true "Leadership" in the region, as well as reaffirming a commitment to Israel that here to fore has been weak at best.
Our Presidents reaction will instead be to wait for Israel to strike at Iran, (they really have no choice), and then condemn them for doing it.  This will in turn, seal our "tolerant" facade to the Muslim world.......  Yeah Right !!!
In one fell swoop, Mr. President, you have shown that you've all but castrated the Joint Chiefs, or at least Rahm and Valerie have, and blown your one chance at showing the American people that you have what it takes to lead.  America is sick and tired of the legislation you support..... Oppose almost everything you stand for...... And, dislike the leadership in both houses, as well as your choices for the Judicial branch.  We also, as every single poll shows,  do not approve of the path you are taking this country down !!!
Why wouldn't you choose to change this tide that is most certainly going to drown you eventually ?  I think we all know the answer.  You have your agenda Mr. Obama, and America has hers too.  You may bring us to the brink of disaster in your four year field trip from Chicago,  but rest assured....  We are stronger than you !!!
I guess it's really true.....  You can lead a horse to water....  But you can't make him drink !!!

David W. Emerick

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  1. I think our allies are in a very awkward position thanks to Obama and his administration. All they have seen is our leader bowing to tyrants, evil regimes, getting rid of our super power status, apologizing to most European countries for US policy that he does not personally agree with. With actions like that, who the hell would want to be a friend or be protected by our military now ? We are now at the point of looking ridiculous to everyone, how can we be effective in deterring anything less than a water balloon.If ever this country honestly needed a change its now, our government is broke, its people are very unhappy, the American dream is on hold at best.In my opinion the November elections will have been the most important in the history of America. We we're duped by a shyster, never again should we let our guard down, never again should we become a laughing stock to the world, never again should we leave ourselves open for attack. Power to the People, not government, we will conquer this with the stroke of a pen.