Saturday, May 9, 2009


Yes my friends, it's true, no one is immune. I too, your humble host have been infected. No, not by the swine flu, since as of yet I haven't been invited to any of those infamous parties, but I've been infected by another strain. The virus called unemployment. That's correct my friends, I was laid off by my employer yesterday due to a dramatic downturn in the Steel Industry. In this era of "change", and all of these "shovel ready" projects we've been told about, you would think Steel would be paramount in the beginning of this new Renaissance. But, alas, Not true. My company directly supports the Steel Industry by manufacturing the equipment necessary to make steel. Whereas, if there is no steel being made, (here anyway), the need for the services I provide becomes moot.
Stay tuned my friends, and fear not. I'm sure my stimulus plan will be kicking in any time now.

David W. Emerick

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Some time ago, I returned to school in pursuit of the infamous sheepskin. A parchment testament of my never ending desire to be the smartest person on the planet. (In my mind, I already am). My school, the University of Phoenix, provided me a enrollment counsellor. This person was God sent! I kid you not, he helped me with every aspect of adjusting to college life in this new (info age). He was a breath of fresh air in a world that is brutal. This man walked me through every page of the financial paperwork, loans, grants, financial aid, and put my mind to rest regarding all of my financial responsibilities after graduation. After that, this man would call me all the time and literally help me to stay motivated to continue on with this adventure even though I would, at times, feel as though my world was crashing down upon me. A person such as this is truly hard to find.
Nevertheless, I came to find out the other day, that my friend had been fired from his position with this University for; Failure to meet enrollment obligations. Can you believe it? A man, such as this, Who took the time to interact with all of his enrollees, and insured they were comfortable in their new school environment thus fostering the learning process, could be fired for not meeting the minimum new sign-ups for the school in any given semester.
Nice guys do indeed finish last. If the world today had more people like my friend, I'm quite certain that this world would be a much better place in which to live. The world today needs more people like my friend, and it saddens me to no end to find out that he, of all people, is now unemployed.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Let me preface this by saying, "I'm not a doctor". Having said this, I would also like to add, as I have said in previous entries, "I'm not stupid". My next question is, are you? After this media circus we've all been subjected to over the past week or so, I can't find a forum in which to scream from the mountain top, PLEASE, STOP THIS RIDICULOUS COVERAGE!!! At Last, Emerick's World!!! Every year thousands of Americans die from the flu not the swine flu, but just the flu. Less than 100 people are suspected to have this version, and Reporters are wearing masks at the airports, not to mention thermal imaging cameras to detect fevers. Are you kidding me? What the hell does the swine have to do with that? Does the Liberal media show up "on camera" with their surgical masks on and tell us of the impending pandemic? I think not! I've recently heard that it can't be called swine flu anymore due to a possible crash in the pork market. Not to mention alienating the pork farmers. If you have recently been to Mexico, and you are feeling sick, I would recommend checking your room service breakfast at the Del Rio Hilton for traces of strychnine. This is no more than a trumped up crisis to divert from reality. Are any the thousands of auto workers from Detroit who are all but doomed to loose their jobs taking time off due to swine flu? Nope. I drove from Pittsburgh PA to Columbia SC and back this week, and guess what... I didn't see one person wearing one of those stupid masks...Not one! And I was actually looking for them. And then I turn on the news in my hotel room and see our illustrious VP stating his views. Honestly, can you believe what Vice President Joe "I ain't flying anywhere" Biden said on the air the other day? Truth be known, this is all a manufactured incident from the Obamma administration to scare the welfare state, and boarder towns into the new mindset of government control over health care. and all I can say to those who fall for it is... You voted for this crowd.... Now You Deal with it.

David W. Emerick