Saturday, August 21, 2010

........ Can't Make Him Drink !!!

As I said on Facebook this morning, today, the count down begins !  Iran, with Russia's help have begun to fuel the heavily sanctioned nuclear facilities in and around the country in direct violation of the resolutions set forth by the U.N.  And where is our fearless leader....  Vacationing on Martha's Vineyard with the family. 
President Obama has blown his one and only chance at what could only be described as, "Greatness"!!!
We, (the U.S.) have always and will always be Israel's staunchest Ali in the middle east. Today, we have an opportunity to prove it.  Unilaterally strike Iran's nuclear facilities, and set back their program by more than a decade, thus propelling Obama to a level of almost a Ronald Reagan in demonstrating true "Leadership" in the region, as well as reaffirming a commitment to Israel that here to fore has been weak at best.
Our Presidents reaction will instead be to wait for Israel to strike at Iran, (they really have no choice), and then condemn them for doing it.  This will in turn, seal our "tolerant" facade to the Muslim world.......  Yeah Right !!!
In one fell swoop, Mr. President, you have shown that you've all but castrated the Joint Chiefs, or at least Rahm and Valerie have, and blown your one chance at showing the American people that you have what it takes to lead.  America is sick and tired of the legislation you support..... Oppose almost everything you stand for...... And, dislike the leadership in both houses, as well as your choices for the Judicial branch.  We also, as every single poll shows,  do not approve of the path you are taking this country down !!!
Why wouldn't you choose to change this tide that is most certainly going to drown you eventually ?  I think we all know the answer.  You have your agenda Mr. Obama, and America has hers too.  You may bring us to the brink of disaster in your four year field trip from Chicago,  but rest assured....  We are stronger than you !!!
I guess it's really true.....  You can lead a horse to water....  But you can't make him drink !!!

David W. Emerick

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Terrorists' Badge of Honor !!!

Cordoba House, now renamed Park51, and also referred to as "Ground Zero Mosque" is a $ 100 Million Dollar, 13-story glass and steel Islamic community center to be located 180 meters from where the worst terrorist attack ever to take place on American soil occurred on September 11, 2001.  The Center, which will  be home to, a mosque, a 500 seat auditorium, theater, performing arts center, a swimming pool, fitness center, basketball courts, childcare services, restaurant, bookstore, a culinary school, and a food court serving halal dishes. Incidentally, the very fact that this facility is supposed to house all of these amenities, preclude it from being a "Mosque" by Islamic law.
Feisal Abdul Rauf, is an Arab-American imam, author, and activist who is at the heart of this controversy, and is currently on a whirl-wind tour all over the middle-east promoting "tolerance" all, at the expense of the U.S. State Department.  Groups for and against the construction of this travesty in the very shadows of the fallen World Trade Centers have popped up all across the U.S. and the world for that matter.  Questions about motive seen to be of greatest concern to most, but other relevant inquiries have been made with regard to finances, and have also come to the forefront of the dispute.
Here is a little stroll down memory lane.  On that morning, terrorists hijacked American Airlines flight 175 as part of their attack on the World Trade Center's "Twin Towers".  They crashed the plane into the south tower at 9:03 am triggering the tower's destruction hours later.  The plane penetrated through the tower, and part of the plane's landing gear and fuselage came out of the north side of the tower, and crashed through the roof of this proposed mosque, through two of it's floors causing severe damage.  The specific location of the planned mosque, so close to the World Trade Center "Where a piece of the wreckage fell", was in fact, the major selling point to the Muslims who bought the building.
I offer to all of you my friends, a moment of pause....  Think back to 2001 and that fateful morning when so many died.  Not just died, but suffered a horrible and painful not to mention useless death.  Think back to the visions of people opting to jump, and fall hundreds of feet to their death rather than face incineration.  Some even holding hands as they fell.  Remember the feeling you felt as those planes struck the towers knowing innocence was inside.  All those who died trying their very best to help. And, remember the sight of those two majestic buildings collapsing right before our very eyes. 3000 people......Dead !!!  For what ?
Why don't we just go ahead and make the hijackers martyrs' ?  Make them heroes before their people !
Because by letting this mosque be built, that's exactly what you're doing !!!  If this imam is truly a man not of a radical Islam rather an Islam that condemns this act of shear terror perpetrated on a non-deserving America, he would realize that America can never forgive the actions of these animals, and he by allowing this venture is only driving the wedge further in between Christians, and Muslims in a hatred that has been around for thousands of years, and no doubt will be for thousands more.
This quite literally, is a slap in the face to every soldier who has or is serving in the war on terror.  This is not how wars are won !!!
Think of the conversations that will take place in this proposed house of peace, as they gaze upon our hallowed ground.  Think of them, pointing towards our symbol of pain while they show off the only thing this building could be defined as......Their....Badge of Honor !!!

David W. Emerick

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Tale of Two Cities....

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times !  Dare I draw this analogy from Dickens and apply it recent times ? Why not.  Although I shan't attempt the obvious of comparing London and Paris, mine will be to draw comparisons to New York and Los Angeles.  More directly, to their Congressional Districts, and specifically to Charles Rangle (D), and Maxine Waters (D).  It is also my hope, that in doing this, I will not cause Dickens to horizontally rotate in his final resting place.
Rangle's district is home to "Harlem", a wonderful hot spot to wine, dine, and dance during the roaring 20's, but now, sadly is home to the ghetto.  Where products of the welfare state, or the "New Deal" were created and are maintained. Where crime ridden streets, drugs, prostitution and abject poverty are never overshadowed by the feeble attempts at re-organization by a Congressman who cares not for his constituents and the representation they deserve, rather the acquisition of property and wealth to line his own coiffures both here and abroad.  A man,  who until recently, chaired the committee that writes the tax laws we must all follow, yet saw fit to not abide by those very same laws.  A man who was elected to help people, breaks the very laws he himself has drafted, while those very people die in the streets of his district every day.  Worse yet, he claims ignorance when faced with these allegations.
Although Los Angeles is 3000 miles to the "left" of Harlem or more specifically, South Central L.A., therein lies the district of Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  herself, a race baiting poverty pimp, even if she is of the maternal gender.  Like Rangle, Waters is responsible for one of, if not the most racially charged communities in the Country, housing Bloods, Crips, MS-13 gangs that are no more than animals. They harbor no compassion for human life, or respect for property or possessions.  Has her career in Washington done one thing to stop the murder and mayhem that takes place in South Central everyday and night.... Absolutely Not !  Waters too , like Rangle, will face ethics charges relating to her role in the acquisition of TARP funds to bail out a bank in which her husband was a board member.
These two career politicians, elected officials, Congressional Representatives, of, by, and for the people seek not the betterment of their communities, but to maintain them.  Thereby justifying their own existence.  Be it not for the Ghettos they represent....The need for people like them to tout and maintain racial inequalities directly in the face of the attempted diversity of black, white, Asian and Hispanic communities, would not exist.  There is no doubt in my mind that these scurges of humanity could be dealt with as well as done away with in our society, but people like Rangle, Waters along with the likes of Sharpton and Jackson under the very guise of religion and equality, only serve to delay the inevitable.
Rangle, and Waters are the reason these places continue to plaque our Country.  Having them removed for reasons of ethics can only be labeled apra po !
If I may again quote Dickens;   "The two stand in the fast-thinning throng of victims, but they speak as if they were alone.  Eye to eye, voice to voice, hand to hand, heart to heart, these two children of the Universal Mother, else so wide apart and differing, have come together on the dark highway, to repair home together, and to rest in her bosom."   ....."judiciously, show a cat milk, if you want her to thirst for it.  Judiciously, show a dog his natural prey... if you wish him to bring it down....  One day."

David W. Emerick