Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LAME !!!

    On the heels of what can only be described as, a "Good ole' Fashioned Ass Whoopin", in the November Mid-Term Elections, our President, Barrack (I know what's best for you) Obama, departed on a useless, 10 day junket to Asia.  What a farce !  This is nothing more than a colossal Tylenol for a man who still refuses to accept the will of the American People.  A man who still, in the face of almost total rejection of every single policy or piece of legislation, continues to try to force feed us the ridiculous ideology he and all of his Marxist, progressive zealot's trumpet on a daily basis.
    This 100 million dollar a day whirlwind tour of the Pacific rim Nations does nothing more that draw away valuable military resources from the theaters where they are needed most, to protect a sitting President that has no business there to begin with.  In this day of Skype, video conferences, secure government satellite links and so forth, this man chose to spend this kind of money, on a venture with a zero sum gain!
    What could the American economy do with a sudden 1 billion dollar jolt of cash sent to the coiffures reserverd to stimulate job creation.  What kind of tax break could the President give to small business to encourage growth.  Think of it, a billion dollars out of nowhere !!!  Now that's what I call a stimulus for the rest of us.
    I suppose I've vented enough.  But, I will say this, Mr. President, we may not have had enough muster to to take both House and Senate,  and although you may have managed to, with some sort of chicanery, retain Harry Reid, whom I will cal the devil himself in lock step with you, which can only be called the blind leading the blind,  Please note:  2012 is fast approaching,  and even though the upcoming session of Congress is labeled "Lame Duck",  Quite sometime ago, I already gave you a label....  You're Just LAME !!!

David W. Emerick