Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LAME !!!

    On the heels of what can only be described as, a "Good ole' Fashioned Ass Whoopin", in the November Mid-Term Elections, our President, Barrack (I know what's best for you) Obama, departed on a useless, 10 day junket to Asia.  What a farce !  This is nothing more than a colossal Tylenol for a man who still refuses to accept the will of the American People.  A man who still, in the face of almost total rejection of every single policy or piece of legislation, continues to try to force feed us the ridiculous ideology he and all of his Marxist, progressive zealot's trumpet on a daily basis.
    This 100 million dollar a day whirlwind tour of the Pacific rim Nations does nothing more that draw away valuable military resources from the theaters where they are needed most, to protect a sitting President that has no business there to begin with.  In this day of Skype, video conferences, secure government satellite links and so forth, this man chose to spend this kind of money, on a venture with a zero sum gain!
    What could the American economy do with a sudden 1 billion dollar jolt of cash sent to the coiffures reserverd to stimulate job creation.  What kind of tax break could the President give to small business to encourage growth.  Think of it, a billion dollars out of nowhere !!!  Now that's what I call a stimulus for the rest of us.
    I suppose I've vented enough.  But, I will say this, Mr. President, we may not have had enough muster to to take both House and Senate,  and although you may have managed to, with some sort of chicanery, retain Harry Reid, whom I will cal the devil himself in lock step with you, which can only be called the blind leading the blind,  Please note:  2012 is fast approaching,  and even though the upcoming session of Congress is labeled "Lame Duck",  Quite sometime ago, I already gave you a label....  You're Just LAME !!!

David W. Emerick

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Burried a Hero Today !!!

I'm not sure if you, my readers actually understand, what it's like to be a part of the final farewell to a warrior.  It seems all too often I get the call.  A funeral director on the phone says, "so and so has died". He was a WWII, Korean War, Viet Nam, Iraq, or Afghanistan.  I hate hearing he was !!!  Our Veterans are the the only thing we have to hold to our hearts as the ones who've stood for our freedom.
Today, in my little small town, which could be any body's town, a life long member of the VFW, and the American Legion, as well as a life long member of his local "Volunteer" Fire Department, had passed away, and services were pending.  I'm pretty sure most of you don't know how beautiful a funeral is with full military honors, but suffice to say nothing I've found in my life has met that merit. .
A beautiful. fully dressed fire truck was placed in front of the hurse at the funeral home.  We, went in and did the obligatory walk through, signed the guest book, saluted and prayed for our soldier, and focused our attention on the American Flag that draped the coffin of our fallen comrade.
Our Mission is to follow the flag, our Nations autograph, at the funeral home, and then to church, and to the warriors final resting place. But today, something was different.
As I stood on the firing line, with my weapon locked, cocked, and ready to fire,  My thoughts drifted to another time,  One year prior, when these same soldiers, came to my aid, as well as that of my family, and sent my father to his reward, as a veteran, a husband, and a father. The Officer of the day barked the commands, and I in turn obeyed,  But please... think no less of me for today, although a stranger I buried......I half to say.......   I miss you Dad !!!

David W. Emerick

Saturday, August 21, 2010

........ Can't Make Him Drink !!!

As I said on Facebook this morning, today, the count down begins !  Iran, with Russia's help have begun to fuel the heavily sanctioned nuclear facilities in and around the country in direct violation of the resolutions set forth by the U.N.  And where is our fearless leader....  Vacationing on Martha's Vineyard with the family. 
President Obama has blown his one and only chance at what could only be described as, "Greatness"!!!
We, (the U.S.) have always and will always be Israel's staunchest Ali in the middle east. Today, we have an opportunity to prove it.  Unilaterally strike Iran's nuclear facilities, and set back their program by more than a decade, thus propelling Obama to a level of almost a Ronald Reagan in demonstrating true "Leadership" in the region, as well as reaffirming a commitment to Israel that here to fore has been weak at best.
Our Presidents reaction will instead be to wait for Israel to strike at Iran, (they really have no choice), and then condemn them for doing it.  This will in turn, seal our "tolerant" facade to the Muslim world.......  Yeah Right !!!
In one fell swoop, Mr. President, you have shown that you've all but castrated the Joint Chiefs, or at least Rahm and Valerie have, and blown your one chance at showing the American people that you have what it takes to lead.  America is sick and tired of the legislation you support..... Oppose almost everything you stand for...... And, dislike the leadership in both houses, as well as your choices for the Judicial branch.  We also, as every single poll shows,  do not approve of the path you are taking this country down !!!
Why wouldn't you choose to change this tide that is most certainly going to drown you eventually ?  I think we all know the answer.  You have your agenda Mr. Obama, and America has hers too.  You may bring us to the brink of disaster in your four year field trip from Chicago,  but rest assured....  We are stronger than you !!!
I guess it's really true.....  You can lead a horse to water....  But you can't make him drink !!!

David W. Emerick

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Terrorists' Badge of Honor !!!

Cordoba House, now renamed Park51, and also referred to as "Ground Zero Mosque" is a $ 100 Million Dollar, 13-story glass and steel Islamic community center to be located 180 meters from where the worst terrorist attack ever to take place on American soil occurred on September 11, 2001.  The Center, which will  be home to, a mosque, a 500 seat auditorium, theater, performing arts center, a swimming pool, fitness center, basketball courts, childcare services, restaurant, bookstore, a culinary school, and a food court serving halal dishes. Incidentally, the very fact that this facility is supposed to house all of these amenities, preclude it from being a "Mosque" by Islamic law.
Feisal Abdul Rauf, is an Arab-American imam, author, and activist who is at the heart of this controversy, and is currently on a whirl-wind tour all over the middle-east promoting "tolerance" all, at the expense of the U.S. State Department.  Groups for and against the construction of this travesty in the very shadows of the fallen World Trade Centers have popped up all across the U.S. and the world for that matter.  Questions about motive seen to be of greatest concern to most, but other relevant inquiries have been made with regard to finances, and have also come to the forefront of the dispute.
Here is a little stroll down memory lane.  On that morning, terrorists hijacked American Airlines flight 175 as part of their attack on the World Trade Center's "Twin Towers".  They crashed the plane into the south tower at 9:03 am triggering the tower's destruction hours later.  The plane penetrated through the tower, and part of the plane's landing gear and fuselage came out of the north side of the tower, and crashed through the roof of this proposed mosque, through two of it's floors causing severe damage.  The specific location of the planned mosque, so close to the World Trade Center "Where a piece of the wreckage fell", was in fact, the major selling point to the Muslims who bought the building.
I offer to all of you my friends, a moment of pause....  Think back to 2001 and that fateful morning when so many died.  Not just died, but suffered a horrible and painful not to mention useless death.  Think back to the visions of people opting to jump, and fall hundreds of feet to their death rather than face incineration.  Some even holding hands as they fell.  Remember the feeling you felt as those planes struck the towers knowing innocence was inside.  All those who died trying their very best to help. And, remember the sight of those two majestic buildings collapsing right before our very eyes. 3000 people......Dead !!!  For what ?
Why don't we just go ahead and make the hijackers martyrs' ?  Make them heroes before their people !
Because by letting this mosque be built, that's exactly what you're doing !!!  If this imam is truly a man not of a radical Islam rather an Islam that condemns this act of shear terror perpetrated on a non-deserving America, he would realize that America can never forgive the actions of these animals, and he by allowing this venture is only driving the wedge further in between Christians, and Muslims in a hatred that has been around for thousands of years, and no doubt will be for thousands more.
This quite literally, is a slap in the face to every soldier who has or is serving in the war on terror.  This is not how wars are won !!!
Think of the conversations that will take place in this proposed house of peace, as they gaze upon our hallowed ground.  Think of them, pointing towards our symbol of pain while they show off the only thing this building could be defined as......Their....Badge of Honor !!!

David W. Emerick

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Tale of Two Cities....

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times !  Dare I draw this analogy from Dickens and apply it recent times ? Why not.  Although I shan't attempt the obvious of comparing London and Paris, mine will be to draw comparisons to New York and Los Angeles.  More directly, to their Congressional Districts, and specifically to Charles Rangle (D), and Maxine Waters (D).  It is also my hope, that in doing this, I will not cause Dickens to horizontally rotate in his final resting place.
Rangle's district is home to "Harlem", a wonderful hot spot to wine, dine, and dance during the roaring 20's, but now, sadly is home to the ghetto.  Where products of the welfare state, or the "New Deal" were created and are maintained. Where crime ridden streets, drugs, prostitution and abject poverty are never overshadowed by the feeble attempts at re-organization by a Congressman who cares not for his constituents and the representation they deserve, rather the acquisition of property and wealth to line his own coiffures both here and abroad.  A man,  who until recently, chaired the committee that writes the tax laws we must all follow, yet saw fit to not abide by those very same laws.  A man who was elected to help people, breaks the very laws he himself has drafted, while those very people die in the streets of his district every day.  Worse yet, he claims ignorance when faced with these allegations.
Although Los Angeles is 3000 miles to the "left" of Harlem or more specifically, South Central L.A., therein lies the district of Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  herself, a race baiting poverty pimp, even if she is of the maternal gender.  Like Rangle, Waters is responsible for one of, if not the most racially charged communities in the Country, housing Bloods, Crips, MS-13 gangs that are no more than animals. They harbor no compassion for human life, or respect for property or possessions.  Has her career in Washington done one thing to stop the murder and mayhem that takes place in South Central everyday and night.... Absolutely Not !  Waters too , like Rangle, will face ethics charges relating to her role in the acquisition of TARP funds to bail out a bank in which her husband was a board member.
These two career politicians, elected officials, Congressional Representatives, of, by, and for the people seek not the betterment of their communities, but to maintain them.  Thereby justifying their own existence.  Be it not for the Ghettos they represent....The need for people like them to tout and maintain racial inequalities directly in the face of the attempted diversity of black, white, Asian and Hispanic communities, would not exist.  There is no doubt in my mind that these scurges of humanity could be dealt with as well as done away with in our society, but people like Rangle, Waters along with the likes of Sharpton and Jackson under the very guise of religion and equality, only serve to delay the inevitable.
Rangle, and Waters are the reason these places continue to plaque our Country.  Having them removed for reasons of ethics can only be labeled apra po !
If I may again quote Dickens;   "The two stand in the fast-thinning throng of victims, but they speak as if they were alone.  Eye to eye, voice to voice, hand to hand, heart to heart, these two children of the Universal Mother, else so wide apart and differing, have come together on the dark highway, to repair home together, and to rest in her bosom."   ....."judiciously, show a cat milk, if you want her to thirst for it.  Judiciously, show a dog his natural prey... if you wish him to bring it down....  One day."

David W. Emerick

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rank and Vile

Remember when we were young, and the teacher would give you a gold star when you did a good job on your homework ?  Or, how about all the time spent with the crate paper and baseball cards decorating your bike because first prize in the 4th of July parade was a shiny silver dollar ?  Do you remember going for ice cream or being allowed to stay out after the street lights came on just because your chores were all done ?
As we grew up, remember cutting the grass so Dad would let you use the car for that hot date on Saturday night ?  And who can forget, all the extra hours put in at the new job, because you wanted your parents to be proud of the new assistant manager ?
My point is,  we were raised to know the difference between right and wrong.  Honesty was the best policy, and cheaters never win.  The reward system is all we knew.  If you did a good job.... you were recognized for it.  Then came the Service.  Remember that six weeks of shear hell chasing a single medal for your chest or a stripe for your sleeve ?  Having your name bellowed out by a man who scared you to death to receive a medal above everyone else who just couldn't hit the target as often as you did.  How proud did you feel ?  Do you remember how proud your parents were when you volunteered to go overseas ?   Do you ?
Fast forward !  I wonder how proud the guy working on the assembly line feels when he finds out that the guy next to him, dropped out of high school, failed his last random urinalysis, and is making the same wage as he is ?  I wonder how proud the young man who spent four years in college trying to get the upper hand in life has to settle for a job next to a man, whose been convicted of assault and can't even write his own name ?  Or how about the Veteran who came home with a purple heart pinned to his chest for bravery and now lives under a bridge because he can't afford to pay the dues prior to hire at the local foundry.
This, my friends, is not too far of a stretch while trying to relate to you how Unions have ruined this Country!
The Rank and File of today does nothing more than protect its weakest link.  Pride and performance have been replaced with Greed and entitlement and the Union is the cause.  Collective Bargaining only serves to shield the less productive by sheltering them amongst the masses.  Tenure is given for time in service,  not for excellence above and beyond.
What happened to being rewarded for a job well done, instead of just done, or worse, not done until later.
Labor in this Country used to strive to be the best.  Now, just meeting quota is the norm.
I yearn for the days I spoke of earlier, and frankly I know they have gone the way of the Dodo.  But remember this my friends.  a Proud People, individuals, and character are what built this county, not Unions, and they take no pride in their work.  It may take many to complete the job, but only the few can lead us to that point and the Union will never survive.   Like I said.....  Rank and Vile !!!

David W. Emerick

My Point of "The View"

If you think about it, Barrack Obama, by appearing on "the View" accomplished exactly what he set out to do.  What might this be you may ask ?  He reached his target demographic !  Let's break it down shall we ?
The View, is a TV talk show aired mid-morning weekdays on ABC, and is hosted by the following;  Barbara Walters.  A woman who has reached the pinnacle of her career some years ago, I might add, and quite probably has interviewed everyone of relevance in our world over the past three or four decades.  I also think she has mellowed somewhat over the past few years as she's entered the twilight of her significance.
Joy Behar......(spoken with clenched teeth and a severely grimaced face) joined the view in 1997 and in my opinion, in the biggest moron to ever be placed on a sound stage or television set! (second only to perhaps Alan Colmes).  Daughter of a seamstress and a truck driver, Behar grew up in New York (Brooklyn) has a BA in sociology from Queens College, and a Masters in (of all things) English education from UNY at Stony Brook.  After a less than stellar career in stand up, and a few attempts at writing, she nestled into the co-host slot at the View.  Frankly, every time Behar opens her mouth, someone should put their foot in it.  She has been admonished by both the Catholic Church, and the (ADL) Anti-Defamation League for irresponsible comments made with reference to the Church and calling Donald Rumsfeld "Hitler-like".
Whoopie Goldberg.....  I won't waste alot of time on her.  A brilliant and talented actress, with Oscars in tow, but her attempt at political commentary only spotlights her complete and total lack of analytical ability and radical left wing ideology.
Sherri Shepherd....  Replacement for the infamous Star Jones Is irrelevant.  Which bring us to......
Elizabeth Hasselbeck.  Daughter of Elizabeth, a Roman Catholic school teacher, and Lawyer, and Kenneth Filarski, himself a Lawyer and aspiring musician.  She is a Graduate of Boston College, and made her television debut on "Survivor" and joined the View in 2003.  Hasselbeck is and has always been the mouthpiece of the right on this show and is always touting her conservative values and upbringing.
So....  Do the resumes of these individuals or their political clout warrant the appearance of the "Sitting President" of the United States?  I think not !!! 
The people who watch the View are, 18-49 year old women who are either out of work, unemployed, or stay at home moms.  Think about that for just a minute....  Why would the President want to address that demographic?  It most certainly was not to address the questions that the panel offered such as Behar's gaff about "Snooky" from Jersey Shore. Or to answer her stupid remark about the right still maintaining the narrative, (I really almost fell over when I heard that), or the questions about the war, jobs, or the economy.
The people Obama wanted to reach are the ones that take him at face value.  The people who voted for him in the first place, not the ones that have figured out exactly who he is, and don't pay attention to the rhetoric he spews these days.  He wants his cake and to eat it too!  He tries to take credit for a bounce in the economy, and when it slumps again, he's quick to blame it on Bush.....  18 months !!!! Enough already!!!
Make no mistake !  This man has an agenda, and he cares not about whom he has to ruin to acquire his goals.  The so called "Big Picture" of a Country once again heading in the right direction matters not to this man!  His actions speak volumes to his credibility and he's indifferent to the need of others.  He's catering to "His" demographic because he knows that they will follow him like blind, apathetic sheep !   I say again.....  Blind..... apathetic.... Sheep !!!!   Is the cool-aide ready yet ?

David W. Emerick

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The "Sherrod Charade"

On July 19,2010 almost immediately after the NAACP passed a resolution "calling on all of the Tea Party Leaders to repudiate those in their ranks who use racist language, signs, or intimidation in their speeches and gatherings across the Country."  Shortly thereafter, conservative activist and blogger Andrew Breitbart, posted what could only be labeled as a "Highly Edited" version of a speech given by Shirley Sherrod to his web site, appropriately called "Big Government".
Sherrod, who can only be described as a here to for "Nobody" in the Obama administration, and who held until last week, the position of, Georgia State Director of Rural Development for the United States Department of Agriculture, gave a speech to the NAACP at a March 2010 event, which in turn my friends became "Viral" on the Internet, and news wires all across this great nation of ours.  In the speech, Shirley, a black woman, described to her audience, "how she felt", years ago while employed at an advocacy firm when asked by a white farmer for help in an attempt to keep his farm, which was about to be foreclosed upon.  In the edited response, Ms. Sherrod stated that, "I didn't give him the full force of what I could do."
What you probably haven't heard was,  Shirley Sherrod,  prior to that remark stating that, "What he didn't know, while taking all that time to convince me that he was superior to me was, I was trying to decide how much help I was going to give him."
Well my friends, as you might have guessed, this started a media fire storm resulting in a "knee jerk" reaction by a, (you guessed it) a white man, or so we are told,  Tom Vilsak, USDA Secretary, to insist that Ms. Sherrod resign immediately. (or, as you have heard... pull over to the side of the road and email the resignation NOW!)  Subsequently however, Mr. Vilsak apologized, and Ms. Sherrod accepted, and it's been nothing but a love fest ever since resulting with a phone call, and apology from  of all places, the White House !
This whole ordeal, some would say has brought to the forefront the issue of racism, and how it still rears it's ugly head in America today, and others, say this is a classic case of "reverse racism."
I ask you,  What exactly is "Reverse Racism" ?   It would seem to me that whomever the racist be, be it black, white, red, whatever, the one who spews the hate, and the racism..... Is The Racist !!!!
The problem in America today, is we are all to quick to place the blame.  If I may borrow a phrase, "From Wall Street to Main Street, it's always someone else's fault.  The White House, and all of that ilk, knew,  all about the videos posted of the "New Black Panther Party" and also knew they had to do something about it.
They strolled back through the archives and found a "Scape Goat"!!'
Don't be so surprised, Corporate America uses this ploy all the time, If something doesn't go according to plan, "Some one's Head Must Roll." 
Trust me, Obama's no prodigy,  this is a play right out of  "Hoffa's Play Book" and nothing else!!!

America....  Listen to me....  Before you ever believe anything that this administration says,  take a step back and see who has said it before.  Look and see who they've copied it from.  These people don't have the intelligence to come up with their own schemes....  They use other people's Charades !!!

David W. Emerick

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Valor And Vitriol !!!

A Federal Judge in Denver has ruled that the Stolen Valor Act is "fiscally unconstitutional" because it violates free speech, he then dismissed a criminal case against Rick Strandlof,  a man who lied about being an Iraqi war veteran.  U.S. District Judge Robert E. Blackburn issued his decision a week ago Friday, and rejected the prosecution's argument that lying about having awards, military medals, and citations, "dilutes their meaning and significance."  For those of you who may not know, the "Stolen Valor Act" is, or was a law enacted making it illegal to state or claim that one is or was a person who is or has served in the United States Military without having done so.
I ask you.....  How can this be allowed to happen !!!  What could possibly posses a man, (using the term loosely), to state a blatant lie about service to his Country ?  How can he sleep at night ?  Worse yet, how can he ever look a true Veteran in the face ?  One can't help but wonder if his parents were veterans, or how they feel about his lies ?  In addition, I think this Judge should be, "Drawn and Quartered"!  Even if this decision was based on a technicality, (I smell liberal bias), this judge should at the very least, be made to apologize to the millions of men and women who have faithfully, honorably, and yes, truthfully served this Country.
Look....... This issue has nothing to do with free speech, the first amendment, or any kind of constitutionality.  This is nothing more than a story about two cowards.  One who apparently had neither the ability nor the hubris to serve his Country, and the other who without fail, holds nothing but contempt for those who have.  Honestly my friends, nothing in recent memory, nothing has made me angrier than this, and quite frankly, it should enrage all of you as well !!!
Perhaps this Judge would like to explain this decision to the family, mother, father, wife, and or children, of a fallen hero that the "Bronze Star" awarded to him posthumously, means nothing, while the liar, Mr. Strandlof states that he has one too.  Or, perhaps Mr. Strandlof would like to say to the group of friends, standing at the "Wall" (Viet Nam Memorial), remembering their buddy, the one that saved their lives, that he too has a Purple Heart.  I'm quite sure he'd be bleeding before his words were complete.  Maybe we could take this Judge and this criminal to a Veteran's Hospital, and watch while they tell one of the many amputees, that their injuries were, "unconstitutional"
That's why my friends, I hold such vitriol for both of these individuals, and for more than one reason as well.
We, as a Nation, owe our very existence to the Veterans that served this Country, and a pedestal has yet to be erected that is high enough to do them honor.  And to have a Federal Judge, in one fell swoop, bloviate from the bench that this means nothing, and to have someone who can only be described as being, less than a man, say without remorse or revelation, that he too should be listed among the ranks of those who served with Valor is without a doubt.... an abomination.  And, in conclusion, I know, that these two Bastards, will surely....
Burn in Hell !!!

David W. Emerick

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Kill !!!

Does the statement, or Commandment even mean anything anymore ?  Or worse, did it ever ?  The Sixth Commandment, as written in Exodus 20: 13 and again in Deuteronomy 5: 17, more specifically states the word Murder.  I don't know about you my friends, but I was raised to adhere to the Ten Commandments, but I as you, quite probably have failed to do so.  Having said this, I'm also sure we've never had the desire, much less motive to comitt murder.  To knowingly and willingly take an other's life.  So, if we are to believe that life itself is the ultimate gift from God,  how do we, as a society put a price on it ?  This is a question that has haunted both men of the cloth, as well as men of the legislature.  I, in no way have the answer but, I do think I understand the question.  What do we as human beings possess that is of equal value to life ?  The only possible answer is life.  Therefore, if one takes a life, one must pay the ultimate price... Life !  I'm well aware that this topic does and will probably always stir up controversyy, but I think there are other questions that also need answering.

What's more disturbing to me than all the killing going on in the world today,  is our ever increasing and insatiable appetite for it.  I realize that there will always be sick people capable of perpetrating this gruesome deed, and that in certain circumstances that accidents happen, (my God, you can't read a paper or watch the news without hearing about it), But why do we insist on seeing this ellectively ? 

Look at television for instance.  Reality shows like, "The next 48", "American Justice", that highlight police department's homicide divisions and the case loads they deal with on a daily basis, with promos like, "An all new Season",  I don't know what worse, seeing these shows spotlighting murder, or the fact that they have enough material for an all new season of it !

We can argue about the "Death Penalty" until we're blue in the face, I am not ashamed to say I support it.
However, I think we could agree on this.  If the the death penalty is supposed to serve as a deterrent, why can't they make TV shows with names like, "What happens when you kill", or "The Price of Murder"  Show the potential murderer the consequence of the crime, before it is committed ! That is the only way the death penalty can be a deterrent ! Show it.... In full living Color !!!  Show them that only God can take the life he gave without repercussion.  For then, and only then my friends, will it have any meaning...THOU SHALT NOT KILL !!!

David W. Emerick

Sunday, July 11, 2010


That's how the lawsuit should read !  I actually spent this morning reading this piece of political excrement, (I wonder if Eric Holder did ?), all twenty-five pages of it. This diatribe of propaganda is nothing more than a mirror into the soul of Barrack Obama.  If you really think about it, he's like a little kid bully.  I can almost picture the scene, the President of the free world, inside the confines of the most powerful office, stomps his feet, and yells, " Rahm....David....Valerie....Look....Look what that bitch did , she signed it...I can't believe she signed it !!!  This law is going to make ME look bad !!!  What do you plan to do about it hmmm ???"  The afore mentioned, three stooges, quivering in their shoes, pause, give each other a stupid look, and say, "we'll sue Mr. President !!!  We'll put the Attorney General in front of the cameras and sue !!! " I'll bet that's exactly how it happened !!!
Truth is my friends,  this lawsuit has nothing to do with immigration control much less the safety, health' or welfare of the citizens of the State of Arizona.  It's nothing more than an ego trip for Obama, a power grab for an individual who just never seems to get enough.  The minute Governor Brewer signed that legislation, (and make no mistake...he was watching it, live),  he knew what he was going to do, and quite probably had the wheels in motion before the ink on the bill was dry.  The President doesn't care one iota about potential racial profiling because he, even after his term of ruining this country, won't have to care about being profiled will he, surrounded by Secret Service protection for the rest of his life.  This is a man who cares only about his legacy and how to maintain it.
In addition, in an obvious and surely sudden attack of conscience, or more likely,  a complete and total lack of testicular fortitude, the Attorney General of the United States of America,  Eric Holder's name, mysteriously appears nowhere on the lawsuit.  That's right my friends, the one document that will no doubt define Eric Holder's career, does not even bare his name !  Penned by two of his cronies.  And,  to add insult to injury, the DOJ acting on behalf of the Executive Branch, in their summation, or "Prayer to the Court", seeks to recieve reimbursement of all  costs and fees incurred.   Can you believe it ?
I hope and pray Governor Brewer and the people of the State of Arizona prevail in this matter, but should they loose the day,  Here is what I would recommend.
The suit states that it is the responsibility of the federal government, together with other agencies, ie., ICE, DHS, and so forth to provide and ensure border security, and to adjudicate those who are found in violation.  So, if they loose, they, (Brewer and the State), should retroactively file suit against the Federal Government, (President Obama) by name, citing prima facia evidence, that the Government did, knowingly and willingly fail to comply with the law on which they had just cited in the previous case, that they won.   Also to wit, dereliction of duty, and willful misconduct by and of a Head of State.  All of which are impeachable offences.
Please my friends, take a few minutes to read the lawsuit, and see if you don't agree.  The arrogance this administration has demonstrated is second to none, and something must be done about it.  Call your Congressmen, Senators, and all Representatives.  Tell them, we can stand no more of this...   Is this the "Change" we wanted ?

David W. Emerick

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Submitted For Your Approval"

As I sit here, in the haze of exhaled cigarette smoke, clad in the dark suit and razor thin necktie, shrouded in the mystery of being filmed in back and white and asking questions whose answers are conjecture at best, I realized, that I'm not Rod Serling,  But....the answer is so simple that if it were a snake, I would certainly be looking for the anti-venom kit !

The Chinese people, primarily during the "Ming Dynasty" (1368-1644) noted, and widely recognized as, "One of the greatest eras of orderly government and social stability in human history", performed a task, or finished a task of what I'm sure was considered then to be of monumental and epic proportions.  What did they do you may ask ?.............THEY BUILT A DAMN WALL !!!
That's right my friends, a wall.  Why ?  The answer is simple, to keep out the unwanted.  Nothing more !  It wasn't constructed as a testament to the technology of the times, or as an idol in which to pray to, nor was is then touted as one of the "Seven Wonders of the World".  Simply a wall.  A border.  In all it's glory, stating the obvious, "Do Not Cross!".... What on earth could be more simple ?  But I digress !!!

The Immigration problem facing America today is an easy fix, and I do mean easy.  Let me explain.  When this fledgling Republic first started to accept the weak, the tired, and the huddled masses, we were the Greatest Nation on Earth, Freedom, opportunity, endless resources, where by the sweat of one's brow determined one's degree of success.  Yes, my friends, The American Dream !  So, as we became the melting pot of the world, and the immigrants passed the Statue of Liberty at Ellis Island to start their new lives, it only made sense to pass legislation stating that the children of these new American Citizens would also be American Citizens !

Today however, America is being inundated with illegal immigrants. Our border to the south has made us a laughing stock to the rest of the World.  While I don't begrudge any one's attempt at a better life, I certainly hold nothing but contempt for those who circumvent the law.  Furthermore, why should the offspring of these criminals be considered citizens of this country with no bias ?  This my friends, is the root of the problem, and could be easily remedied.  The first true step to "Immigration Reform"  The vast majority of these criminals come to this Country knowing of this law/loophole in advance of their arrival.

So,  My "Comprehensive" Plan for Immigration Control is as follows; (This is so simple)
       1.  Build the Damn Wall !!!!
       2.  Place every man, woman, and child, who cannot produce documentation of their Immigration status, on the opposite side of the "Damn Wall"
       3.  Repeal the law, (part of the 14th ammendment), granting "at birth citizenship" to children of illegal immigrant's and put them behind the "Damn Wall"
       4.  Take all of the Illegal Alien Inmates, choking our prison system out from behind their current wall, and Place them behind our "New Damn Wall", and place the employers who hire the illegals behind those other walls.
       5.  Stop the welfare checks and Emergency room visits, housing, student loan and grants, and give each one of them, $10.00, a first aid kit, a bottle of water, and a copy of Rosetta Stone, and put them over the "Damn Wall"
       6.  Take all the "seized narcotics" and throw them over the "Damn Wall", and watch and see who follows !

I'm guessing you get my point.  We're spending way too much time trying to be the nice guy in this debate instead of just securing our borders, and telling everyone else, "Screw You" , if you don't want to follow our rules.  Come on my Friends....Is this America,  or is it really.....   The Twilight Zone !!!

David W. Emerick

Monday, July 5, 2010

In The Court Of "Public Opinion"

For all intents and purposes, a Grand Jury has been convened.  Seated within it's chambers, in all their glory,  are "We the People".  A term dear to us, but somehow rued by the administration currently seated in our nation's capital.  And as such, thus they shall be herein after referred to as the "Defendant"!
Webster's defines Extortion, (noun) as, "Illegal and deliberate use of one's official position or powers to obtain property, funds, or patronage."  Does this not apply to the "Defendant vs. British Petroleum ?
Furthermore, the definition of, Obstruction of Justice,  "Impeding those who seek justice in a court, (as by trying to threat, influence, or intimidate,) any witness, juror, or officer of the Court."  Seems to me that this is directly applicable to the "Defendant vs. State of Arizona".  Other charges include, but aren't limited to, Subversion.  Defined as, "The act or an instance of subverting, or overthrowing a legally constituted government or institution."  Isn't the State of Arizona a legally constituted government ?  Is not Governor Brewer an Officer of the Court ?
While the Jury is seated,  Webster's definition of...Fraud.  " A false representation, of a matter of fact- whether by words or conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed- that deceives and is intended to deceive another, so the individual will act upon it to his or her legal injury."  I'm no lawyer, but can't all of us see the defendant blatantly doing this all the time ?
How about this...  Dereliction of Duty (Neglect) "Failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances."  Your Honor Please.... That's a Slam Dunk !!!
Finally, ladies and gentlemen of the jury,  I have one last definition for you......    Treason !!!  A noun, defined by Webster's Dictionary as, "Violation of allegiance towards one's Country or Sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's Country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies."
The ladder may be a stretch, but honestly not by much.  I genuinely believe that this administration is knowingly and willingly subverting our Government !  Think about it....  What other possible explanation could there be ?  His goal is to bring this Country down to the level of any of a host of "Banana Republics", in the hopes that he can level the so called playing field.  If you still harbour any doubt of what this President's motives are, what his agenda is, just take a minute, and apply the definitions listed above with any of the myriad of policy decisions and proposed solutions to the issues facing America today!  Because I,  as I'm sure many of you agree, the one statement  I would most love to hear most from Attorney General Eric Holder, or his  impending replacement  is.........  Mr. President.......  You have the right to remain... Silent.......!!!

David W. Emerick

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Voice From The Past !

It seems to me a barriers' been put in place, a divide of sorts, between the Obama administration and the people of the United States Of America. Shortly after the election, came the call for affordable health care for all Americans. But there was sharp divide on the issue. The President, and his new regime, Pelosi, Reid, Emanuel, and Axelrod, spun this issue in an effort to make us believe that we just couldn't go on without it. And in the face of overwhelming opposition, we now have "socialized medicine".
Then came the "Stimulus Package". A 787 billion dollar shot in the arm for America, a plan that was most certainly a knee jerk reaction to a stock market correction that takes place predictably every so many years. Granted, the future looked dim, but this idea, that's the epitome of deficit spending, was again, opposed by the majority of Americans, and consequently, "jammed" down our throats.
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan can be debated until the cows come home, but the American people, in an overwhelming voice have said, "We're there, so we must win !!! We must support and fund our troops." Yet, we must fight, kick and scream for every dollar allocated to the military,against the liberal left in both the House and Senate.
Almost the entire Country has come out in support of the legislation passed by Governor Brewer and the People of Arizona, yet the Obama administration spearheaded by Eric Holder plans to sue... Sue !!!
Now, we have a catastrophe of epic proportions, unfolding before our very eyes, with this oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, that without fail, will adversely affect almost every man, woman and child in this Country. In the face of this, do we welcome help from the vast out pouring of offers that have come in from Countries all of the world ? No... We don't ! As Americans scream for leadership and answers from the President, due to this wall that's been erected, seem to have fallen on deaf ears.
I seem to recall a speech form one of, if not the greatest leader of my time anyway, that bears resemblance to the issues we face today. The speech, delivered by President Ronald Reagan in 1987, standing in front of the Brandenburg Gate, resulted in the fall of the Berlin wall, and the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union.
In the speech, President Reagan said, " We welcome change and openness; for we believe that freedom and security go together, that the advance of human liberty can only strengthen the cause of World Peace." (Sound familiar ?)
He continued, and for the purpose of making my point, that a wall has been built between this current administration, and the citizens of America, a closed gate, that prohibits our ideas from forming policy, I will replace the words, (Soviet Union) with America, and the name (Gorbachev) with Obama.
"We welcome change and openness; for we believe that freedom and security go together, that the advance of human liberty can only strengthen the cause of world peace. There is only one sign that the administration can make, that would be unmistakable, that would advance dramatically the cause for freedom and peace. President Obama, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the people of the United States of America, if you seek liberty, Come here to this gate, Mr. Obama... Open this gate..... Mr. Obama..... TEAR DOWN THIS WALL !!! "

David W. Emerick

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Of All Places...!!!

This bureaucracy that has come to be known as Washington DC, the place that we, as Americans grow continually more cynical, and weary of it's every move, has now infuriated me in such a way, that I honestly don't think the reputation of corrupt capitulation, cruel and capricious actions, and blatant acceptance of the status quo, that it's come to be recognized for, in my lifetime anyway, can ever be restored. Recently, an article in the Washington Post states, "Chaos at Arlington National Cemetery: Mismarked graves, dumping of urns....."
I'm certain I speak for all Veterans of all branches, for anyone who has has served this Country, for all the families who have had a loved one fall in battle, succumbed to maladies or torture at the hand of the enemy or even the past mistakes of our very own Country, not to mention the ones who have lived their entire lives, having to remember the horrors of war. Having to remember friends and loved ones lost, then laid to rest at this National Treasure. It makes my blood boil to think that the final resting place for our hero's is being mismanaged by people who just don't care ! This my friends is an abomination !!!
The cemetery, which surrounds Arlington House, once the home of Gen. Robert E. Lee, is across the Potomac River from the District. It averages 27 funerals each workday and about 100 a week, and is known for it's rows and rows of modest white tombstones. More than 300,000 people are buried there, including 2 Presidents, scores and scores of Generals and Admirals, and tens of thousands of men and women who have served this Country, their spouses and children.
Arlington National Cemetery, most definitely, is Halowed Ground !!! At the very least, we owe our very lives to the occupants at rest within it's confines. In my opinion, not one blade of grass should be out of place, much less have a hero's ashes dumped out in a pile of turned over dirt, a grave marker placed on the wrong or even empty crypt. My God America....!!! We can place a cruise missile into the bedroom window of a third world country's dictator's daughter just to make a statement..... But we can't maintain a Cemetery !!! What's wrong with this picture ?
Granted, burials at Arlington have skyrocketed in recent years, more than 100,000 since 1990, and in light of that, staff has been cut from 140 to 97. (Why do you suppose that is?)
All I can say is.... President Obama, I know how much you like "Stimulus", and I know you like to spend money that you know we don't have. So on the eve of our Countries Independence Day, and a day among the most somber, when America remembers her fallen heroes. How about this, you know that little box on our income tax forms asking if we would like to donate a dollar to the Presidential re-election campaign ? See what happens if you change that to donate a dollar to the upkeep at Arlington, and watch the influx of cash to your coffers. I know I speak for all Americans, not just those who have served, why don't you throw a few bucks towards Arlington.... Stimulate patriotism.... Stimulate the preservation of our heritage... Stimulate the gratitude of a grateful Nation.... My God.... Of all Places !!!

David W. Emerick

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Next Generation...

Yesterday, amidst the media coverage of all the crisis situations facing us, and, in the wake of Senator Byrd's death, I just happened to look at the "Tweets", that Fox News were posting on their "Insider" site. I was amazed by one of the statements made, and took note of the person who posted it. So, ladies and gentlemen, without further delay, let me introduce you to the "Next Generation of Racist" in America today.... Dr. Marc Lamont Hill !
For those of you who aren't familiar with Dr. Hill, Here is a little background. Dr. Hill has a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, and a B.S. from Temple. He also is an affiliated faculty member in African American Studies at Columbia University, and currently is an Associate Professor at Teachers College, an affiliate of Columbia. A resume' that's not too shabby !
In Dr. Hill's Tweet, he said, "Sen. Robert Byrd died yesterday, his KKK affiliation should make interesting conversation." I was at first, taken a back by the fact that Sen. Byrd died at three am. that morning, and that Dr. Hill's tweet was at 9:00 am, and he said "yesterday"! So I, your humble blogger, in a futile attempt at humor, responded to Dr. Hill's message stating only, "he died at 3:am today!" Well !!! Imagine my surprise, when almost immediately, Dr. Hill shot one directly back to me saying, "What difference does the date of his death make,or matter, I'm talking about his KKK membership!"
Knowing full well that Sen. Byrd's affiliation with the Klan took place some 60 years ago or more, and that since, practically the entire world had accepted his highly spotlighted mea culpa, that's all it took !!! In one fell swoop, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, had in my opinion anyway, firmly demonstrated himself to be on the same plateau with the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the notorious Rev. Wright. The race baiting poverty pimps of the past !
Dr. Hill has aligned himself with the people who feel they are owed for the sins of our forefathers in the past by carrying on the constant ridicule and belittlement of their descendants, causing unrest, violence, and inciting adverse behavior in race relations between both white and black communittees. I further believe that Dr. Hill will continue to poison the minds of our children with racist, bias, and bigoted interpretations of curriculum that he teaches, instead of extending the olive branch and new beginnings towards equality of race in our institutions of higher leaning.
In doing a little more research on Dr. Hill, I discovered he has been regularly featured on such networks as CNN and MSNBC, and was a regular on such shows as Court TV and the Star Jones Show. Quite frankly, no surprise.
However, my first exposure to this man was on "The Factor" with Bill O'Riley. I knew immediately, that this was a man who is in lock step with the liberal views of the current administration, and has his own agenda as well. He also affords all of his viewers a smile while holding nothing but contempt for Conservative values. You may posess all the education in the world Dr. Hill, but it won't mask racism.
On a positive note, I have also come to learn that Rupert Murdoch, President of News Corp., parent company of Fox News, has personally "Fired" Dr. Lamont Hill just this past week, citing his, " reputation of defending cop killers and racists." Kudos to Mr. Murdoch !!!
This is a man who should be nowhere near the youth of America , poisoning their minds with his racist and dangerous views. A man who believes he is due reparations from all of us, for the mistakes of the past. So I ask you, Dr. Hill, in light of your recent job displacement.... Where do we send the check ?

David W. Emerick

Monday, June 28, 2010

Byrd of Paradise ?

Sadly my friends, at three am this morning, the world said goodbye to the longest serving senator in the history of our great nation. The Dean of the Senate since 2003 , as well as the President pro tempore of the United States Senate since 2007 . 60 years as public servant and at this age, in his condition, third in succession to fulfill the office President of the United States, West Virginia's own Robert Carlyle Byrd.
Sen. Byrd, (92), Democrat, cast his final vote on the Senate floor this past year, approving of President Obama's health care reform bill. One of over 18,000 votes, more than any other Senator in history. Senator Byrd never lost an election.
In the coming days and weeks, I'm sure the media will tout the many accomplishments in Sen. Byrd's career, all the committees he's served on and/or chaired, all the legislation he's carved out with these decades of service, all of the other leaders he has outlived. In addition, I'm also positive the dark days of Byrd's Klu Klux Klan affiliation will be discussed as well. Certainly, the Senator will be afforded a "State Funeral" in drawn out ceremonies and lie in repose until such time he's committed to the earth and buried.
Well...... Fare well Senator Byrd, and..... in eulogizing you...... All I can say is.............
If ever in my life time there has been iron clad proof in support of the implication of, TERM LIMITS !!! You are it !!!
In the early days of Senator Byrd's career, I'm sure he was pretty much like any other politician, you know, promise the the world, and take what you can get. but as his career blossomed, this man, became known as the undisputed "King of Pork Barrel Projects" in history. He literally attached, or tried to attach Ryder's on every piece of legislation placed before him, resulting in Billions and Billions of dollars, redirected to the state of West Virginia with not so much as a blush on his cheek, and when challenged regarding the matter,he would simply say, "That's my job".
I don't know how many of you have ever had occasion to drive through Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia, but I have...lots of times. You cannot drive one mile in that state without seeing something with Senator Robert C. Byrd's name on it, or something dedicated to him. Bridges, highways, interchanges, rest areas, corporate corridors, schools, ball fields, state parks landmarks, everywhere !!! Not because of the gratitude of the recipients, but because of the shear vanity of the man. If his name ain't on it... You ain't gettin' it !
Just think for a minute, how many things have come and gone during the tenure of this man.
"Klondike 7445", could have been your phone number then, and if you had a "Party Line" you'd be lucky to get on at all. You could buy a new Chevy for $1,225.00. History tells us G.C. Murphy's was the place to shop. If you had money you could buy a Zenith "color TV, but the picture still sucked. Take your home movies on 8mm film, and your still photos on the brand new state of the art, Polaroid Land Camera.
Then came the 60's ! The women burned their bras, and the men burned their draft cards. It was the age of free love, drugs, rock and roll, and Viet Nam. Yes my friends, Sen. Byrd was right there in the heart of it all. I wonder if he was ever on the Ed Sullivan Show ?
The 70's and 80's came and went in a flash, and so did the rotary phone, Beta VCR's, the good ole' LP album, eight track and cassette tapes, and the world finally realized that we absolutely could not exist without a microwave oven in every home. I don't mean to be cruel, but I seriously don't think Senator Byrd remembers the 90's at all !
Anyway, just ask yourself this question.... After the first couple of terms, how effective could he have been ? What legislation did he pen in the twilight of his life ? What relevance did he have ? How many people on his staff were paid, buy us, just to get him ready for a session that he was quite probably too incoherent to understand ? How many time did you see him sleeping on C-Span ?
I hold no disdain for the elderly, in fact I think they should be revered ! But for this and a host of many other reasons, I ask you...." How do you prefer you Senator.... Old, feeble, and washed up, or young, virile, and ambitious ?"
Senator Byrd and many others like him should have been replaced years ago. How else can we move this Country forward ? Not by living in the past. Senator Byrd has finally found his Paradise in death..... Can't we find ours sooner ?

David W. Emerick

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Divine Intervention

With all that's happening in our beautiful Country today, as well as in the rest of the world, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, the loss and relocation of jobs, as well as the colapse of the economies in America and Greece. Riots, murder and unrest in our border states spotlighting illegal immigration and the drug cartels, hunger and famine in third world countries. Not to mention the threat of the Countries previously labeled as the "Axis of Evil", (nuclear proliferation in Iran, and the threat of launch by North Korea) rattling their sabres. Considering this, I've noticed something missing in our day to day deluge of media reports that I thought should be brought to your attention.
I have yet to see the First Family, The President, First Lady, with kids in tow, going to church on Sunday.... Have you ? I vividly remember almost every Sunday in the past, seeing George and Barbara, (and his Mom and Dad), Bill and Hillary, Ron and Nancy, Jimmy and Rosalyn, Gerald, Betty, even tricky Dick and his wife, attending church on a regular basis.
While I in no way consider myself a "Holy Roller", I do however subscribe to the belief in a higher power. I'm also convinced that President Obama actually believes he's it. But it begs the question, what is it that all of those past Presidents prayed for ? Could it be they prayed for God to grant them the knowledge to lead and the humility to listen ? Could it be that they prayed for their Lord and Savior to deliver them from sin, and grant them the ability to help thy fellow man ? Possibly they prayed for deliverance from the dark days and perils of the present and a return of the prosperous day of the not so distant past, or maybe just help and guidance in the duties thrust upon them.
What ever the reason, I somehow felt more comfortable knowing that the President was seeking answers to the questions and problems before him knowing he alone, could not solve all the problems facing the human race.
I don't think I'm alone today when I say that I can't help harboring feelings of depression, anxiety, impending doom and a complete and total loss of the positive attitude I here to fore was known for amongst the people in my circle.
With all this in mind, I ask you Mr. President, if you really are a man of faith.... "Don't you think it's time for a little... Divine Intervention ?"

David W. Emerick

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Hard Pill To Swallow !!!

General Stanley McChrystal, the Commanding General in the war in Afghanistan, resigned his Command in light of comments made by he and his staff to a Reporter from Rolling Stone magazine this past week, creating a firestorm of media reports on all the regular and cable networks as well as talk radio and print media, that can only be described as a "Feeding Frenzy". The General was literally summoned from the battlefield to the Oval office to explain his actions to the President, Vice President, and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. General McChrystal, knowing his job was in jeopardy, no doubt entered the meeting with his resignation in hand, and no doubt offered it without explanation or justification. While I'm sure the General was apologetic, I am certain that he never once lost his military bearing and or demeanor.
Having served in the military, I understand the necessity of having a unified chain of command, and also fully understand the potential problems of dissension in the ranks. A Soldier, must be absolutely certain that the tasks he must perform are in the best interest of our Nation, and agreed upon by all under, as well as over he or she in rank. There can be no doubt in the mind of the warrior that can cause hesitation, for it is hesitation that causes casualties. Uncertainty, can, has, and will get one killed.
Having said this, I know that the President was placed in a situation where he had to make a choice. General McChrystal should never have put himself or his staff in a position where their guard was let down, and weather "Off the Record" or not, they should have know that their comments could be used as fodder for any number of reporters, not just this hack from Rolling Stone magazine. And, while I think this reporter could have used better judgement in his decision to publish this article knowing full well it would be the General's demise, the General too should have known when to bite his tongue.
Nevertheless, what's done is done. But here's my problem. To have this President, a man born of the corrupt politics of the Chicago machine, this President, a man who has never served his Country in any military capacity, a man who has never held a real job, who has never had to make a payroll. A President, that looks down on the American people from the very pedestal that we have placed him on, a man who talks at us not to us. To have this President, who has to date done nothing but take this Country down a road of all but certain disaster. This President, who regardless of the will of the people, jams policy and legislation down our throats only to further his own agenda, a man who has not once demonstrated any kind of leadership in any of the crisis situations this Country is facing....Ever! To have this President...this man.... fire and or accept the resignation of a true American Patriot, a warrior, a man of morals and principles, a man who was promoted based on merit and performance, not on lies, dreams, or political promises, a man such as General McChrystal, who has dedicated his very life to his Country. To have this President do this, for me anyway, is a very....very....HARD PILL TO SWALLOW !!!

David W. Emerick

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pipe Dreams!

This past week, the President, utilizing the most powerful backdrop on the planet, the Oval Office, paid lip service the downtrodden people in the Gulf region, by claiming credit for the speed of the response to the gushing remnants of BP's ill fated rig. He also, attempted to regain the approval of the American people by telling us what he was going to force BP to do. I won't go into the details, as I'm sure the majority of us had heard enough. And then, without missing a beat, he tried to tie this disaster to his pipe dream ideas of taking this Country forward by pushing his "Cap and Tax" theory. Clean burning coal, wind, solar, nuclear technology are a noble cause Mr. President, and make no mistake, they should be pursued, but don't try to spoon feed us this diatribe on how soon we could implement such technology.
Let me ask you this Mr. President; Will the wind turbines you and your administration are so gungho about provide enough lift to propel a jumbo jet across the Atlantic? Do any, and I do mean any, of the fighter jets currently in our inventory, or even on the drawing board, operate on solar power? How many of the ships in our Naval Fleet operate on nuclear power Mr. President? To date, Mr. President, I've yet to see or hear about any locomotives running around this Country with a "reactor car" , Have you? Are any of the Hum V's, Tanks, or armored personnel carriers currently operating in the Persian Gulf Theater, Green Vehicles Mr. President?........Are they? And finally, Mr. President, Is Air Force One, or any of the vehicles in your motorcade an electric hybrid? I didn't think so!
The truth is Mr. President, our society isn't just addicted to oil, our technology has not allowed us to rise above the necessity for it. It will take decades of research, development, trial, and error, for us as a Nation to even attempt to convert to a non-fossil fuel based infrastructure and economy. And the saddest part of the whole thing is Mr. President, is the fact that I'm just a little fish in this huge bowl, and I sure I'm not the only one to have asked these same questions.
So, in conclusion Mr. President, Why don't we use our resources to drill and use the domestic fossil fuels within our borders, and use the savings from that to explore these Pipe Dreams of yours!

David W. Emerick

Friday, June 18, 2010

On Deadly....Water ?

CAUTION: The following editorial may contain material too intense for some readers. Conservative supervision advised. Any similarity between this editorial, and rescent events is purely coincidental.......or is it ?

This morning, as I chatted away on the new Fox News Insider "Live Wall", I suddenly realized something shocking that I have to share with all of you.
Years ago, I don't recall exactly when, A movie was released called, On Deadly Ground. The movie featured Steven Segal and Michael Caine. The plot of this movie and the crisis playing out in the Gulf offered so many similarities, that as I pondered on recalling this movie, I was amazed! While I in no way consider myself a conspiracy theorist, the events in this movie are strikingly similar to today.
First of all, the movie was set in Alaska, (nothing to do with Sarah Palin I'm sure), anyway, Steven Segal was a rebellious oil worker or roughneck if you will, and one of his old time buddies, or mentor if you will, was constantly complaining about substandard blowout preventors being rebuilt instead of replaced, putting his crew in harms way solely for the purpose of meeting a corporate deadline. As a result of his concern for his crew, he wound up dead. He did however stash the info on a disc tucked away at his home. Once Segal found out his friend was murdered, he took up the cause.
Segal, being the hero whistle blower took this info to his so-called friend and CEO of the oil company, Michael Caine. (a Britt) who assured him this was all false, and to let it go. Now, as you may have surmised, a catastrophic explosion occurred, and that sent Segal over the edge.
Enter the Eskimos! After all of this hoopla about the white man destroying the sacred grounds of the Eskimos, Michael Caine, (the CEO) Testified before the tribal leaders, who by the way, looked alot like the members of that Senate subcommittee that Tony Hayward was crucified by yesterday, and wouldn't you know it, as he was leaving, some Eskimo woman jumped up, threw oil all over him and labled him a murderer. (I wonder if that woman yesterday, who looked like an eskimo saw this movie?) Anyway, to make a long story short, the CEO's corporate goon squad killed all kinds of people in a futile attempt to cover up their deadly greed for the almighty dollar, and Segal got pissed and killed all of them. THE END!
Now, far be it for me, to even suggest that the events of today were pulled from that movie, or that the motives of BP reflect that of the Hollywood left. But if you take just a moment to compare these two absolute and total coincidences, you, as I, can't help but wonder..... How can this be ? Just some food for thought!

David W. Emerick

Thursday, June 17, 2010


This whole ordeal defies logic! If there has ever been a case of putting the cart before the horse, someone please show me. I've been watching this catastrophe play out on all the networks, and all I see is hearing on how it happened, news conferences on who is to blame, pipe dreams of future "green" energy sources, not to mention our fearless leader, who is under the impression the he can single handily take control of a private corporation.
There is a camera a mile deep in the gulf showing the oil spewing out of the ocean floor, but none showing whats being done on the surface. Obama said in his speech from the oval office the other night, that there was thousands of ships in the gulf... DOING WHAT ? Am I the only person in the world who thinks that if all this clean-up effort is really going on, the government, (or the main stream media) would be bombarding us with the film footage of all of these vessels cleaning up the oil ? NO, they would rather tug at our heartstrings by showing us pictures of oil soaked wildlife and beaches that can't be used. This whole thing smacks of incompetence and cover up.
Maybe it's just me, But shouldn't we stop the spill before we try to bring forth legislation on how to prevent it from happening again ?
Now that that is out of my system... I have a question. If you look up the term, "knee jerk reaction" in the dictionary, It would most definitely would say that Obama's moratorium on all the drilling in the gulf would be the definition ! But that's Okay, we'll just throw 100 million dollars of BP"s money into an unemployment fund to pay these workers until such time that we can figure how to make this operation safer. THIS IS INSANE !!!
Know this... My prayers go out to all affected by this crisis, but I feel it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.... I truly am embarrassed by this Country's Leadership, and ashamed by the response. Good Luck...and Godspeed!!!

David W. Emerick