Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Kill !!!

Does the statement, or Commandment even mean anything anymore ?  Or worse, did it ever ?  The Sixth Commandment, as written in Exodus 20: 13 and again in Deuteronomy 5: 17, more specifically states the word Murder.  I don't know about you my friends, but I was raised to adhere to the Ten Commandments, but I as you, quite probably have failed to do so.  Having said this, I'm also sure we've never had the desire, much less motive to comitt murder.  To knowingly and willingly take an other's life.  So, if we are to believe that life itself is the ultimate gift from God,  how do we, as a society put a price on it ?  This is a question that has haunted both men of the cloth, as well as men of the legislature.  I, in no way have the answer but, I do think I understand the question.  What do we as human beings possess that is of equal value to life ?  The only possible answer is life.  Therefore, if one takes a life, one must pay the ultimate price... Life !  I'm well aware that this topic does and will probably always stir up controversyy, but I think there are other questions that also need answering.

What's more disturbing to me than all the killing going on in the world today,  is our ever increasing and insatiable appetite for it.  I realize that there will always be sick people capable of perpetrating this gruesome deed, and that in certain circumstances that accidents happen, (my God, you can't read a paper or watch the news without hearing about it), But why do we insist on seeing this ellectively ? 

Look at television for instance.  Reality shows like, "The next 48", "American Justice", that highlight police department's homicide divisions and the case loads they deal with on a daily basis, with promos like, "An all new Season",  I don't know what worse, seeing these shows spotlighting murder, or the fact that they have enough material for an all new season of it !

We can argue about the "Death Penalty" until we're blue in the face, I am not ashamed to say I support it.
However, I think we could agree on this.  If the the death penalty is supposed to serve as a deterrent, why can't they make TV shows with names like, "What happens when you kill", or "The Price of Murder"  Show the potential murderer the consequence of the crime, before it is committed ! That is the only way the death penalty can be a deterrent ! Show it.... In full living Color !!!  Show them that only God can take the life he gave without repercussion.  For then, and only then my friends, will it have any meaning...THOU SHALT NOT KILL !!!

David W. Emerick


  1. As always well said, well written, and I couldn't agree more!! Thank you!

  2. dave the only way the death penalty even carries weight is when they get the same treatment they gave their victims unexpected and quick...very ,very quick ..with horror just like their victims got...you then will send a clear message...in the mid-east the punishment does fit the crime no matter how you feel about human rights ...I prefer stoning...it gives them time to repent and gives the victims family a place to give back to the one who took their loved one