Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Point of "The View"

If you think about it, Barrack Obama, by appearing on "the View" accomplished exactly what he set out to do.  What might this be you may ask ?  He reached his target demographic !  Let's break it down shall we ?
The View, is a TV talk show aired mid-morning weekdays on ABC, and is hosted by the following;  Barbara Walters.  A woman who has reached the pinnacle of her career some years ago, I might add, and quite probably has interviewed everyone of relevance in our world over the past three or four decades.  I also think she has mellowed somewhat over the past few years as she's entered the twilight of her significance.
Joy Behar......(spoken with clenched teeth and a severely grimaced face) joined the view in 1997 and in my opinion, in the biggest moron to ever be placed on a sound stage or television set! (second only to perhaps Alan Colmes).  Daughter of a seamstress and a truck driver, Behar grew up in New York (Brooklyn) has a BA in sociology from Queens College, and a Masters in (of all things) English education from UNY at Stony Brook.  After a less than stellar career in stand up, and a few attempts at writing, she nestled into the co-host slot at the View.  Frankly, every time Behar opens her mouth, someone should put their foot in it.  She has been admonished by both the Catholic Church, and the (ADL) Anti-Defamation League for irresponsible comments made with reference to the Church and calling Donald Rumsfeld "Hitler-like".
Whoopie Goldberg.....  I won't waste alot of time on her.  A brilliant and talented actress, with Oscars in tow, but her attempt at political commentary only spotlights her complete and total lack of analytical ability and radical left wing ideology.
Sherri Shepherd....  Replacement for the infamous Star Jones Is irrelevant.  Which bring us to......
Elizabeth Hasselbeck.  Daughter of Elizabeth, a Roman Catholic school teacher, and Lawyer, and Kenneth Filarski, himself a Lawyer and aspiring musician.  She is a Graduate of Boston College, and made her television debut on "Survivor" and joined the View in 2003.  Hasselbeck is and has always been the mouthpiece of the right on this show and is always touting her conservative values and upbringing.
So....  Do the resumes of these individuals or their political clout warrant the appearance of the "Sitting President" of the United States?  I think not !!! 
The people who watch the View are, 18-49 year old women who are either out of work, unemployed, or stay at home moms.  Think about that for just a minute....  Why would the President want to address that demographic?  It most certainly was not to address the questions that the panel offered such as Behar's gaff about "Snooky" from Jersey Shore. Or to answer her stupid remark about the right still maintaining the narrative, (I really almost fell over when I heard that), or the questions about the war, jobs, or the economy.
The people Obama wanted to reach are the ones that take him at face value.  The people who voted for him in the first place, not the ones that have figured out exactly who he is, and don't pay attention to the rhetoric he spews these days.  He wants his cake and to eat it too!  He tries to take credit for a bounce in the economy, and when it slumps again, he's quick to blame it on Bush.....  18 months !!!! Enough already!!!
Make no mistake !  This man has an agenda, and he cares not about whom he has to ruin to acquire his goals.  The so called "Big Picture" of a Country once again heading in the right direction matters not to this man!  His actions speak volumes to his credibility and he's indifferent to the need of others.  He's catering to "His" demographic because he knows that they will follow him like blind, apathetic sheep !   I say again.....  Blind..... apathetic.... Sheep !!!!   Is the cool-aide ready yet ?

David W. Emerick


  1. As always Dave the pen has sword qualities,you are right in saying that the Obama express has an agenda and is pushed forward by his constant reaching out to the "numb" in this country. They are irrealavant to most working class, because we go to work while they lay and play.Yet at the voting booth these "numb" vote setting forth policy and presence in the political arena, giving backing to that which destroys and crushes the very thing that allows them to reside in their state of "numbness" that being the freedom we all enjoy!!

  2. Ain't freedom of speech great. Amy time you can throw Colmes under the bus along with "The View" and the blind, apathetic (I might add mindless) sheep followers of Opos you have done a fine job.
    Jimmy Dawson