Saturday, July 24, 2010

Valor And Vitriol !!!

A Federal Judge in Denver has ruled that the Stolen Valor Act is "fiscally unconstitutional" because it violates free speech, he then dismissed a criminal case against Rick Strandlof,  a man who lied about being an Iraqi war veteran.  U.S. District Judge Robert E. Blackburn issued his decision a week ago Friday, and rejected the prosecution's argument that lying about having awards, military medals, and citations, "dilutes their meaning and significance."  For those of you who may not know, the "Stolen Valor Act" is, or was a law enacted making it illegal to state or claim that one is or was a person who is or has served in the United States Military without having done so.
I ask you.....  How can this be allowed to happen !!!  What could possibly posses a man, (using the term loosely), to state a blatant lie about service to his Country ?  How can he sleep at night ?  Worse yet, how can he ever look a true Veteran in the face ?  One can't help but wonder if his parents were veterans, or how they feel about his lies ?  In addition, I think this Judge should be, "Drawn and Quartered"!  Even if this decision was based on a technicality, (I smell liberal bias), this judge should at the very least, be made to apologize to the millions of men and women who have faithfully, honorably, and yes, truthfully served this Country.
Look....... This issue has nothing to do with free speech, the first amendment, or any kind of constitutionality.  This is nothing more than a story about two cowards.  One who apparently had neither the ability nor the hubris to serve his Country, and the other who without fail, holds nothing but contempt for those who have.  Honestly my friends, nothing in recent memory, nothing has made me angrier than this, and quite frankly, it should enrage all of you as well !!!
Perhaps this Judge would like to explain this decision to the family, mother, father, wife, and or children, of a fallen hero that the "Bronze Star" awarded to him posthumously, means nothing, while the liar, Mr. Strandlof states that he has one too.  Or, perhaps Mr. Strandlof would like to say to the group of friends, standing at the "Wall" (Viet Nam Memorial), remembering their buddy, the one that saved their lives, that he too has a Purple Heart.  I'm quite sure he'd be bleeding before his words were complete.  Maybe we could take this Judge and this criminal to a Veteran's Hospital, and watch while they tell one of the many amputees, that their injuries were, "unconstitutional"
That's why my friends, I hold such vitriol for both of these individuals, and for more than one reason as well.
We, as a Nation, owe our very existence to the Veterans that served this Country, and a pedestal has yet to be erected that is high enough to do them honor.  And to have a Federal Judge, in one fell swoop, bloviate from the bench that this means nothing, and to have someone who can only be described as being, less than a man, say without remorse or revelation, that he too should be listed among the ranks of those who served with Valor is without a doubt.... an abomination.  And, in conclusion, I know, that these two Bastards, will surely....
Burn in Hell !!!

David W. Emerick

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  1. Dave, I was livid when I heard this ruling! What on this earth is that judge thinking?? This so diminishes the awards our great brave soldiers earn. THIS IS AN EARNED issues... great writing, you are awesome!! Thank you for what you do for OUR America!