Sunday, July 11, 2010


That's how the lawsuit should read !  I actually spent this morning reading this piece of political excrement, (I wonder if Eric Holder did ?), all twenty-five pages of it. This diatribe of propaganda is nothing more than a mirror into the soul of Barrack Obama.  If you really think about it, he's like a little kid bully.  I can almost picture the scene, the President of the free world, inside the confines of the most powerful office, stomps his feet, and yells, " Rahm....David....Valerie....Look....Look what that bitch did , she signed it...I can't believe she signed it !!!  This law is going to make ME look bad !!!  What do you plan to do about it hmmm ???"  The afore mentioned, three stooges, quivering in their shoes, pause, give each other a stupid look, and say, "we'll sue Mr. President !!!  We'll put the Attorney General in front of the cameras and sue !!! " I'll bet that's exactly how it happened !!!
Truth is my friends,  this lawsuit has nothing to do with immigration control much less the safety, health' or welfare of the citizens of the State of Arizona.  It's nothing more than an ego trip for Obama, a power grab for an individual who just never seems to get enough.  The minute Governor Brewer signed that legislation, (and make no mistake...he was watching it, live),  he knew what he was going to do, and quite probably had the wheels in motion before the ink on the bill was dry.  The President doesn't care one iota about potential racial profiling because he, even after his term of ruining this country, won't have to care about being profiled will he, surrounded by Secret Service protection for the rest of his life.  This is a man who cares only about his legacy and how to maintain it.
In addition, in an obvious and surely sudden attack of conscience, or more likely,  a complete and total lack of testicular fortitude, the Attorney General of the United States of America,  Eric Holder's name, mysteriously appears nowhere on the lawsuit.  That's right my friends, the one document that will no doubt define Eric Holder's career, does not even bare his name !  Penned by two of his cronies.  And,  to add insult to injury, the DOJ acting on behalf of the Executive Branch, in their summation, or "Prayer to the Court", seeks to recieve reimbursement of all  costs and fees incurred.   Can you believe it ?
I hope and pray Governor Brewer and the people of the State of Arizona prevail in this matter, but should they loose the day,  Here is what I would recommend.
The suit states that it is the responsibility of the federal government, together with other agencies, ie., ICE, DHS, and so forth to provide and ensure border security, and to adjudicate those who are found in violation.  So, if they loose, they, (Brewer and the State), should retroactively file suit against the Federal Government, (President Obama) by name, citing prima facia evidence, that the Government did, knowingly and willingly fail to comply with the law on which they had just cited in the previous case, that they won.   Also to wit, dereliction of duty, and willful misconduct by and of a Head of State.  All of which are impeachable offences.
Please my friends, take a few minutes to read the lawsuit, and see if you don't agree.  The arrogance this administration has demonstrated is second to none, and something must be done about it.  Call your Congressmen, Senators, and all Representatives.  Tell them, we can stand no more of this...   Is this the "Change" we wanted ?

David W. Emerick


  1. Well written, so very true, I am sure. I can picture it also! I hope he has lots of secret service around him.. it is sad to say... and I pray no harm comes to him, but he is putting himself out there too much for some fool not to think stupid!

  2. I will be on it and read it ,,,enjoy everytime you post common public veiw hopefully others will read and pass it on