Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Submitted For Your Approval"

As I sit here, in the haze of exhaled cigarette smoke, clad in the dark suit and razor thin necktie, shrouded in the mystery of being filmed in back and white and asking questions whose answers are conjecture at best, I realized, that I'm not Rod Serling,  But....the answer is so simple that if it were a snake, I would certainly be looking for the anti-venom kit !

The Chinese people, primarily during the "Ming Dynasty" (1368-1644) noted, and widely recognized as, "One of the greatest eras of orderly government and social stability in human history", performed a task, or finished a task of what I'm sure was considered then to be of monumental and epic proportions.  What did they do you may ask ?.............THEY BUILT A DAMN WALL !!!
That's right my friends, a wall.  Why ?  The answer is simple, to keep out the unwanted.  Nothing more !  It wasn't constructed as a testament to the technology of the times, or as an idol in which to pray to, nor was is then touted as one of the "Seven Wonders of the World".  Simply a wall.  A border.  In all it's glory, stating the obvious, "Do Not Cross!".... What on earth could be more simple ?  But I digress !!!

The Immigration problem facing America today is an easy fix, and I do mean easy.  Let me explain.  When this fledgling Republic first started to accept the weak, the tired, and the huddled masses, we were the Greatest Nation on Earth, Freedom, opportunity, endless resources, where by the sweat of one's brow determined one's degree of success.  Yes, my friends, The American Dream !  So, as we became the melting pot of the world, and the immigrants passed the Statue of Liberty at Ellis Island to start their new lives, it only made sense to pass legislation stating that the children of these new American Citizens would also be American Citizens !

Today however, America is being inundated with illegal immigrants. Our border to the south has made us a laughing stock to the rest of the World.  While I don't begrudge any one's attempt at a better life, I certainly hold nothing but contempt for those who circumvent the law.  Furthermore, why should the offspring of these criminals be considered citizens of this country with no bias ?  This my friends, is the root of the problem, and could be easily remedied.  The first true step to "Immigration Reform"  The vast majority of these criminals come to this Country knowing of this law/loophole in advance of their arrival.

So,  My "Comprehensive" Plan for Immigration Control is as follows; (This is so simple)
       1.  Build the Damn Wall !!!!
       2.  Place every man, woman, and child, who cannot produce documentation of their Immigration status, on the opposite side of the "Damn Wall"
       3.  Repeal the law, (part of the 14th ammendment), granting "at birth citizenship" to children of illegal immigrant's and put them behind the "Damn Wall"
       4.  Take all of the Illegal Alien Inmates, choking our prison system out from behind their current wall, and Place them behind our "New Damn Wall", and place the employers who hire the illegals behind those other walls.
       5.  Stop the welfare checks and Emergency room visits, housing, student loan and grants, and give each one of them, $10.00, a first aid kit, a bottle of water, and a copy of Rosetta Stone, and put them over the "Damn Wall"
       6.  Take all the "seized narcotics" and throw them over the "Damn Wall", and watch and see who follows !

I'm guessing you get my point.  We're spending way too much time trying to be the nice guy in this debate instead of just securing our borders, and telling everyone else, "Screw You" , if you don't want to follow our rules.  Come on my Friends....Is this America,  or is it really.....   The Twilight Zone !!!

David W. Emerick


  1. Absolutly love this one Dave. You have the right idea and this should be done no if's an's or but's about it. In regards to citizenship if you are born to immigrant parents fine as long as they came through the front door. Not illegally through the back door. If you are a criminal you don't deserve anything from this country not even citizenship for your anchor babies. I to am tired of all this politcal correctness crap. WE THE PEOPLE WANT THE WALL BUILT AND NOW.

  2. I will help build that "damned wall"! I personally agree that ANY illegal immigrant, not just Hispanics should be sent home to do it right. They broke the first law by entering our precious country illegally. That in itself tells us of the respect they truly have. All we are doing by allowing this travesty to continue against our nation is to support Mexico. Our forefathers and families figured out how to do it the right way, let them figure it out as well. Go home and start the process the correct way... anyone who has been sent home should have a "go to the back of the line" pass when they do attempt to do it the right way, so that others who respect our country, can have our dreams!