Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pipe Dreams!

This past week, the President, utilizing the most powerful backdrop on the planet, the Oval Office, paid lip service the downtrodden people in the Gulf region, by claiming credit for the speed of the response to the gushing remnants of BP's ill fated rig. He also, attempted to regain the approval of the American people by telling us what he was going to force BP to do. I won't go into the details, as I'm sure the majority of us had heard enough. And then, without missing a beat, he tried to tie this disaster to his pipe dream ideas of taking this Country forward by pushing his "Cap and Tax" theory. Clean burning coal, wind, solar, nuclear technology are a noble cause Mr. President, and make no mistake, they should be pursued, but don't try to spoon feed us this diatribe on how soon we could implement such technology.
Let me ask you this Mr. President; Will the wind turbines you and your administration are so gungho about provide enough lift to propel a jumbo jet across the Atlantic? Do any, and I do mean any, of the fighter jets currently in our inventory, or even on the drawing board, operate on solar power? How many of the ships in our Naval Fleet operate on nuclear power Mr. President? To date, Mr. President, I've yet to see or hear about any locomotives running around this Country with a "reactor car" , Have you? Are any of the Hum V's, Tanks, or armored personnel carriers currently operating in the Persian Gulf Theater, Green Vehicles Mr. President?........Are they? And finally, Mr. President, Is Air Force One, or any of the vehicles in your motorcade an electric hybrid? I didn't think so!
The truth is Mr. President, our society isn't just addicted to oil, our technology has not allowed us to rise above the necessity for it. It will take decades of research, development, trial, and error, for us as a Nation to even attempt to convert to a non-fossil fuel based infrastructure and economy. And the saddest part of the whole thing is Mr. President, is the fact that I'm just a little fish in this huge bowl, and I sure I'm not the only one to have asked these same questions.
So, in conclusion Mr. President, Why don't we use our resources to drill and use the domestic fossil fuels within our borders, and use the savings from that to explore these Pipe Dreams of yours!

David W. Emerick

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