Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Hard Pill To Swallow !!!

General Stanley McChrystal, the Commanding General in the war in Afghanistan, resigned his Command in light of comments made by he and his staff to a Reporter from Rolling Stone magazine this past week, creating a firestorm of media reports on all the regular and cable networks as well as talk radio and print media, that can only be described as a "Feeding Frenzy". The General was literally summoned from the battlefield to the Oval office to explain his actions to the President, Vice President, and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. General McChrystal, knowing his job was in jeopardy, no doubt entered the meeting with his resignation in hand, and no doubt offered it without explanation or justification. While I'm sure the General was apologetic, I am certain that he never once lost his military bearing and or demeanor.
Having served in the military, I understand the necessity of having a unified chain of command, and also fully understand the potential problems of dissension in the ranks. A Soldier, must be absolutely certain that the tasks he must perform are in the best interest of our Nation, and agreed upon by all under, as well as over he or she in rank. There can be no doubt in the mind of the warrior that can cause hesitation, for it is hesitation that causes casualties. Uncertainty, can, has, and will get one killed.
Having said this, I know that the President was placed in a situation where he had to make a choice. General McChrystal should never have put himself or his staff in a position where their guard was let down, and weather "Off the Record" or not, they should have know that their comments could be used as fodder for any number of reporters, not just this hack from Rolling Stone magazine. And, while I think this reporter could have used better judgement in his decision to publish this article knowing full well it would be the General's demise, the General too should have known when to bite his tongue.
Nevertheless, what's done is done. But here's my problem. To have this President, a man born of the corrupt politics of the Chicago machine, this President, a man who has never served his Country in any military capacity, a man who has never held a real job, who has never had to make a payroll. A President, that looks down on the American people from the very pedestal that we have placed him on, a man who talks at us not to us. To have this President, who has to date done nothing but take this Country down a road of all but certain disaster. This President, who regardless of the will of the people, jams policy and legislation down our throats only to further his own agenda, a man who has not once demonstrated any kind of leadership in any of the crisis situations this Country is facing....Ever! To have this President...this man.... fire and or accept the resignation of a true American Patriot, a warrior, a man of morals and principles, a man who was promoted based on merit and performance, not on lies, dreams, or political promises, a man such as General McChrystal, who has dedicated his very life to his Country. To have this President do this, for me anyway, is a very....very....HARD PILL TO SWALLOW !!!

David W. Emerick

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  1. What a perfectly wonderful summation of the facts. Your voice is being heard, Dave, and it speaks for many of us who share your views. Keep up the good work.