Friday, June 18, 2010

On Deadly....Water ?

CAUTION: The following editorial may contain material too intense for some readers. Conservative supervision advised. Any similarity between this editorial, and rescent events is purely coincidental.......or is it ?

This morning, as I chatted away on the new Fox News Insider "Live Wall", I suddenly realized something shocking that I have to share with all of you.
Years ago, I don't recall exactly when, A movie was released called, On Deadly Ground. The movie featured Steven Segal and Michael Caine. The plot of this movie and the crisis playing out in the Gulf offered so many similarities, that as I pondered on recalling this movie, I was amazed! While I in no way consider myself a conspiracy theorist, the events in this movie are strikingly similar to today.
First of all, the movie was set in Alaska, (nothing to do with Sarah Palin I'm sure), anyway, Steven Segal was a rebellious oil worker or roughneck if you will, and one of his old time buddies, or mentor if you will, was constantly complaining about substandard blowout preventors being rebuilt instead of replaced, putting his crew in harms way solely for the purpose of meeting a corporate deadline. As a result of his concern for his crew, he wound up dead. He did however stash the info on a disc tucked away at his home. Once Segal found out his friend was murdered, he took up the cause.
Segal, being the hero whistle blower took this info to his so-called friend and CEO of the oil company, Michael Caine. (a Britt) who assured him this was all false, and to let it go. Now, as you may have surmised, a catastrophic explosion occurred, and that sent Segal over the edge.
Enter the Eskimos! After all of this hoopla about the white man destroying the sacred grounds of the Eskimos, Michael Caine, (the CEO) Testified before the tribal leaders, who by the way, looked alot like the members of that Senate subcommittee that Tony Hayward was crucified by yesterday, and wouldn't you know it, as he was leaving, some Eskimo woman jumped up, threw oil all over him and labled him a murderer. (I wonder if that woman yesterday, who looked like an eskimo saw this movie?) Anyway, to make a long story short, the CEO's corporate goon squad killed all kinds of people in a futile attempt to cover up their deadly greed for the almighty dollar, and Segal got pissed and killed all of them. THE END!
Now, far be it for me, to even suggest that the events of today were pulled from that movie, or that the motives of BP reflect that of the Hollywood left. But if you take just a moment to compare these two absolute and total coincidences, you, as I, can't help but wonder..... How can this be ? Just some food for thought!

David W. Emerick


  1. slingshot1836 - Reeality is stranger than fiction my friend. I have wondered if the Gov. didn't orquestrate the entire thing, Including the initial explosion. They are sure taking advantage of it to screw the hard working Americans. Great comparison.

  2. Thanks man... I really appreciate it!