Thursday, June 17, 2010


This whole ordeal defies logic! If there has ever been a case of putting the cart before the horse, someone please show me. I've been watching this catastrophe play out on all the networks, and all I see is hearing on how it happened, news conferences on who is to blame, pipe dreams of future "green" energy sources, not to mention our fearless leader, who is under the impression the he can single handily take control of a private corporation.
There is a camera a mile deep in the gulf showing the oil spewing out of the ocean floor, but none showing whats being done on the surface. Obama said in his speech from the oval office the other night, that there was thousands of ships in the gulf... DOING WHAT ? Am I the only person in the world who thinks that if all this clean-up effort is really going on, the government, (or the main stream media) would be bombarding us with the film footage of all of these vessels cleaning up the oil ? NO, they would rather tug at our heartstrings by showing us pictures of oil soaked wildlife and beaches that can't be used. This whole thing smacks of incompetence and cover up.
Maybe it's just me, But shouldn't we stop the spill before we try to bring forth legislation on how to prevent it from happening again ?
Now that that is out of my system... I have a question. If you look up the term, "knee jerk reaction" in the dictionary, It would most definitely would say that Obama's moratorium on all the drilling in the gulf would be the definition ! But that's Okay, we'll just throw 100 million dollars of BP"s money into an unemployment fund to pay these workers until such time that we can figure how to make this operation safer. THIS IS INSANE !!!
Know this... My prayers go out to all affected by this crisis, but I feel it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.... I truly am embarrassed by this Country's Leadership, and ashamed by the response. Good Luck...and Godspeed!!!

David W. Emerick

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  1. I agree totally and well said. We probably could have made a big difference had he waived the Jones Act and let those countries that had the equipment and experience help. That was beneath Obama to ask for help after he is in charge.