Saturday, May 9, 2009


Yes my friends, it's true, no one is immune. I too, your humble host have been infected. No, not by the swine flu, since as of yet I haven't been invited to any of those infamous parties, but I've been infected by another strain. The virus called unemployment. That's correct my friends, I was laid off by my employer yesterday due to a dramatic downturn in the Steel Industry. In this era of "change", and all of these "shovel ready" projects we've been told about, you would think Steel would be paramount in the beginning of this new Renaissance. But, alas, Not true. My company directly supports the Steel Industry by manufacturing the equipment necessary to make steel. Whereas, if there is no steel being made, (here anyway), the need for the services I provide becomes moot.
Stay tuned my friends, and fear not. I'm sure my stimulus plan will be kicking in any time now.

David W. Emerick


  1. Wow... well that was unexpected. I thought you were like the only guy in your company who did what you did! I'm really surprised this happened to you, but with your experience hopefully you won't be down for long.

    I don't know if experience is always better than education or the other way round, but I'd rather be in your shoes than mine, bud. I'm still looking for something to do, ending week 2 of no job now.

    Someone told me that, on average, it's been taking people 3 months to find a new job...

  2. Hey Dave, you still out there buddy?