Sunday, October 16, 2011


    Well my friends, just when I thought I'd seen the pinochle of hypocrisy, IE, the Obama Presidency, comes the Occupy Wall Street debacle.  I ask you, how can these products of the liberal left education system, brain washed surrogates, and proponents of the "Move" George Soros crowd, not realize, that by protesting in the media spotlight like they are, they're demonstrating shear stupidity, much less hypocrisy ?  News crews, both liberal and conservative, cameras rolling, display for everyone to see, protesters sporting Ipods, Blackberry's, Android systems, MP3 head phones in ears, Izod, Old Navy, Dockers, and Levis clothing attire on all, and, (this is what really gets me), They're protesting about the Corporate profits and Wall Street Tycoons of the companies of all the products they themselves are wearing and using!!!  The hypocrisy blow my mind !!!
    It would seem to me, that these idiots, would make a much more significant impact on the issue they're trying to shed light upon if they were protesting nude, or in potato sacks or something that would display the amount of financial hardship they're experiencing.  Not screaming about the evils of Corporate America, while texting their friends to watch them get arrested on nationwide television.
    These Morons, who I have no doubt are being funded by Soros, actually have no clue.  They are blind, apathetic sheep, who are easily molded into make shift catalysts for whatever the big money on the left label the, "Issue d'joir" !!!   It's so easy to see,  These protesters actually walked by Soros's house to bully a bank!!!
   Bottom line.....  Nice try George, you've really shown your true colors on this one pal.  Your vitriol and contempt for the private sector has blinded you to the fact that you've become a laughing stock, grasping at any chance to embarrass the juggernaut of the conservative movement, you've forgotten, or overlooked one very important fact.   We are NOT stupid.......   OCCUPY THIS !!!

David W. Emerick

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