Saturday, July 4, 2009

Is Palin Pailing ?

I think not! Get ready America, for standing before you yesterday in National eye, is what could only be labeled as the Future of our Country. The statements she made that were overlooked by the media spoke volumes toward her character and her desire to change the world. She opted to not become a lame duck Governor, and just take the free ride for the rest of her term. When have you ever heard of that novel approach? Rather to move on to the next level and continue in other forums where her talent, passion and motivation can be capitalized upon. What a breath of fresh air! Sarah Palin must have done some serious soul searching in making this decision, and that is exactly what we need in this Country. The detractors are already saying that this just means she can't complete anything. Don't you believe it! This means that she is not willing to stagnate in a position where she can do no more. Keep your eye on this jewel of the Yukon my friends, and watch out Mr. President... 2012 and Super Sarah are coming!

David W. Emerick

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